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  1. Native

    Gathering Knowledge The Intuitive Way

    Abstract: It´s my opinion that modern cosmological science has become very speculative and disconnected from all-natural things. I´m convinced that all “living things” communicate with the micro- and macrocosmic surroundings via our embedded electromagnetic sensitive qualities. Intrinsic...
  2. Native

    The Scientific Math of the Milky Way

    Hello Folks, Abstract: As a Natural Philosopher and a Comparative Mythologist, I also have the interest whether Ancient Mythology and it´s Stories of Creations fits with the Modern Science. In my mind there are lots of genuine similarities, but can these similarities confirm each other in order...
  3. Native

    Science and Symbols of Creation

    We have numerous cultural Stories of Creation, which very much seems to be similar to each other but how do we interpret these stories? Can they possibly be interpreted into modern terms and give some modern scientific sense? In the following I´ll use the Egyptian Story of creation as written...
  4. Native

    Newton - The Last Of The Magicians

    Hello All, I´ve just watched a dramatizised documentary, mostly based on Newton´s "secret boks of papers" which was opened about 200 years after his death. The papers revealed, amongst other topics, a deep interest for ancient cultures and their "World Perception". Watch the video documentary...
  5. bubbleguppy

    Info on pre-Christian Basque Mythology?

    I have been trying to research pre-Christian Basque mythology for quite some time now, but if I'm completely honest I cannot find much good information out there. I'm personally looking for resources where I can find any in depth information on Basque mythology, basically anything more than the...
  6. SalixIncendium

    Should Scripture Be Taken Literally?

    I watched a debate between Richard Dawkins and Cardinal Pell last night in which Cardinal Pell professes that the Catholic Church views the story of the Garden of Eden as "...a beautiful, sophisticated, mythological account." and that "...it’s a religious story told for religious purposes."...
  7. Native


    The Parminede´s Poem - Poem of Parmenides : on nature - more than suggest that humans are able to gather knowledge and communicate with the creation as such. A human skill, which is much ignored in the interpreting of the ancient myths. Excerpt of the poem: "The steeds that bear me carried me...
  8. Lorgar-Aurelian

    Hinduism resources.

    So recently I've been reading through norse and greek mythology and decided to switch it up a bit and look for some more information on Hinduism. I'm not uneducated when it comes to Hinduism (or quite a few religions really) but it never hurts to refresh and come at things with a different...
  9. Lorgar-Aurelian

    Sources for Egyptian or Japanese polytheism.

    I was just wondering if anyone had any resources for Egyptian mythology or Japanese mythology ? Maybe some of you setians at least , @1137 lookin at you big boy.
  10. Lorgar-Aurelian

    Slavic Paganism resources?

    I was just wondering if anyone had resources I could use to learn more about Slavic paganism/mythology?
  11. Lorgar-Aurelian

    Pretty good for introduction to mythology.

    The Illustrated Encyclopedia of World Mythology: Arthur Cotterell: 9781435127555: Amazon.com: Books This book is really good for introduction to numerous mythologies. It includes just about every major pantheon I can think of and also includes Arabic gods. I was pretty impressed with that. I...
  12. Lorgar-Aurelian

    Why are certain mythologies more popular than others?

    I've noticed in communicating with various pagans online and in person that certain mythologies are far more popular among the pagans than others. But not just pagans. Among popular culture it almost always seems like we get the big 3 , Egypt, Norse, greek and little else. Why isn't...
  13. Aussiescribbler

    Demystifying Jesus

    Assuming that Jesus was a real man, is it possible to give a real world interpretation to his life and philosophy? Central to that philosophy is saving us from sin. What is meant by the term “sin”? Leaving aside any examples which require reference to God, let’s look at gluttony as an example...
  14. Cerridwen33

    Fairies and other creatures of nature.

    Hi! I am a fan of Celtic mythology and I believe that fairies (as believed by the Celts), do exist. I've read plenty of books and I know that they are mischievous, if not completely evil. Even so, I choose to believe. I am not delussional. I have heard stories from a friend I really trust, that...
  15. Cerridwen33

    Hello Everyone! My dad and I and how all started.

    Hi! I have been here before in 2010 under another username. I will introduce myself again: For several years my darling and most beloved father suffered from Alzheimer's. In 2009 we have to put him in a nursing home as it was very difficult to take care of him at home. It's only mum and I and we...
  16. Rakovsky

    According to Sumerians, who created Nammu(waters) and An(sky)?

    Nammu was the goddess of the primordial waters and the Abzu(deep waters), and her sign was Engur. The Engur sign is written with the signs LAGAB and HAL (totality + secret). The Lost History website says: The latter quote is from Sumerian literature, although neither passage cited mentions...