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  1. SalixIncendium

    What Part of Us Survives Temporal Death?

    A member posted a thread here with a link to the following article which suggests that consciousness may not be what drives the human mind; that our actions are driven by a mechanism in our subconscious which creates the personal narrative. What if consciousness is not what drives the human...
  2. Grumpuss

    Are Killers going to Hell?

    An unfortunate part of organized society is that a few of its members will have their lives ended unnaturally by others. Not every killing is the same as another, and secular society provides for circumstances where it is more acceptable to kill another, or at least, won't punish as severely...
  3. Grumpuss

    Are Homosexuals going to Hell?

    As many homosexual men and women, as well as those who are transsexual, bisexual, have relations with animals and plants, it is entirely possible, even likely that many of them maintain a personal belief in God. They may even form a devout connection to their divine gods, though it may not...
  4. kyjds

    Consciousness Collapses In On Itself At Death?

    I have coined a term out of a lack of a better word, Conscapsis, which means that when a person dies from brain death, their consciousness collapses in on itself, just like how a super massive star collapses in on itself into a black hole. This, as a Deist, is what I believe about the...
  5. The Transcended Omniverse

    I need to be a nonbeliever to set myself free. Could someone help me?

    I am completely undecided when it comes to the existence of God and the afterlife. I see nothing more than an ongoing debate of various religious and secular views. Many different people have many different answers. Some people are materialists who think that once you die, that is it. Some...
  6. Meander_Z

    Game of Halos: or A Song of Hell and Heaven.

    It's a game. Here's how you play. Pretend that you are God and describe the most just and equitable afterlife that you can imagine, and how you would sort souls into their proper afterlife destinations. You don't have to believe in an actual God in order to play, and you ARE allowed to suggest a...