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  1. Massimo2002

    I have a feeling that the afterlife doesn't exist

    I know religious people are absolutely convinced of some sort of afterlife but for me I am not convinced at all for me personally I feel like nothing will happen when I die now of course I don't know what happens but I just feel like nothing will happen anyway what are your thoughts on an...
  2. DharmaCatLamp

    I don't think Reincarnation Makes Much Sense

    Most of my religious beliefs come from experiences and personal evidence. The sort of thing where you have an experience and then extrapolate from that to get to something else. I started worshiping Kali cause I had a pretty profound experience. I had some faith in certain practices or the idea...
  3. Exaltist Ethan

    Poll: The Afterlife

    After doing two polls on theological beliefs, a believers/skeptics poll and a religious/spiritual poll, I am going to attempt to gauge RF's stance on the afterlife. Instead of making multiple ideas specific to one choice, I am going to divide the afterlife into many parts and allow the community...
  4. Gargovic Malkav

    Dreams about the Other Side

    Have you ever had a dream in which your dream logic told you you were in some kind of heaven/hell/afterlife/spirit-like place? In this thread I'd like to hear people's stories if they're willing to share them. This is one I remember: In one dream I was in a place that felt so "foreign" to me...
  5. Billy Roberts

    Does an egg have a soul? Implications for heavenly numbers.

    I find the concept of a Heaven with eternal existence in a glorified form (soul and a body of some sort), existing outside of time and space impossible to imagine. Our bodies on earth are governed and constrained by laws of physics, chemistry and biology, but these laws I assume don't apply to...
  6. Pudding

    Theists, do you wish everyone to obey whatever you say God say everyone should obey?

    Theists, do you wish everyone to obey whatever you say God say everyone should obey? Does it made you sad/angry that not everyone obey whatever you believe God say everyone should obey? Do you plan to rule the world so that everyone will obey whatever you believe God say everyone should obey...
  7. Zenarith

    Is the Afterlife Real?

    Hello everyone. I come to you asking, is the Afterlife Real? The fact is, I already know the answer... I do not know which God came first into Religion (Probably Egyptian Gods) but I do know people live on after Death. I am a Satanist, a Witch and a Partial Medium (It's not my Job but I know how...
  8. Loaai

    A Question for Atheists..

    Peace be upon you everybody! I have seen a lot of atheists here on the forums, but honestly I expected to see believer not atheists; as this site is called "religious forums", but anyway I've had a really interesting question for those who don't believe in after life and think that Its all...
  9. Bryon Ehlmann

    A Scientifically Supported Heaven (and Hell)

    I recently had an article published in the Journal of Mind and Behavior. It reveals, describes, and establishes that a natural, i.e., scientifically supported, heaven (and hell) actually exists. “Yeah, sure.” you may be thinking. But to check it out for yourself, just click on the article’s...
  10. Dawnofhope

    Christian and Baha'i concepts of eternal life, the immortal soul and life after death

    In this thread I'm wanting to explore how concepts of an afterlife are understood in both Christianity and the Baha'i Faith. How are they similar and where do they differ? How do they relate to our purpose in this life? What are the key sacred writings from the Christian Bible or Baha'i writings...
  11. R

    Hell's Changing Address

    On Hell’s Changing Address Many current theological depictions of hell focus on it being the sinner’s eternal separation from God or a place somewhere “out there” in unknown regions of space or time. Some “conservative” thinkers have even represented the biblical hell as being...
  12. Bryon Ehlmann

    A Heaven (and Hell) That “Is All in Your Mind,” Real and Eternal

    There is a heaven. (There’s also a corresponding hell, but I’ll focus on the heaven). It is not like the conventional heaven that most people envision, but I claim it can be the most heavenly possible. First of all, it is natural, versus supernatural—meaning its existence is supported by...
  13. Bryon Ehlmann

    A Heaven Is Real, No Longer Supernatural (and Ditto for Hell)

    At last heaven has been found! Well at least, a heaven. Although this heaven may be the most heavenly possible, it is not like the conventional one that most people envision. First of all, it is natural, versus supernatural—meaning its existence is supported by current scientific, i.e...
  14. Dawnofhope

    The Symbolism of Birth and Rebirth in Faith Traditions

    Religious Teachers often use symbolism within the natural world to convey spiritual truths. One of the most powerful and evocative symbol is the use of the birth of a child. It is an event of profound significance in any culture. The Baha'i writings use such symbolism to describe the...
  15. A Vestigial Mote

    Deferral of punishment and clandestine punishments

    The idea of this thread is to raise the question of the utility of deferring punishment, or secretly punishing people for crimes or sins committed that any god is claimed as the source for said punishment. A deferred punishment would refer to any time it was within a god's power to bring...
  16. S

    The Paradise-garden

    I recon that in a lot of Religons that the paridise is a lot of times a garden. Why a garden and not a castle or a forest?
  17. Thinking Homer

    Reincarnation vs Resurrection. Which is real?

    As you may well know, the concept of the afterlife in the Abrahamic and Oriental religions differ widely. Whereas one view states one life, one death, and one judgement; the other states numerous life cycles over multiple universes. Here are some scriptural basis for each religious view: 'Then...
  18. danieldemol

    Does Ecclesiastes 9:5 support the Jehovah's Witness view of the afterlife?

    In context, Ecclesiastes 9:5 states; 9:5 For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten. 9:6 Also their love, and their hatred, and their envy, is now perished; neither have they any more a...
  19. SalixIncendium

    What's Next?

    If you believe in some form of existence beyond death of the temporal body, do you believe that everyone experiences the same existence, or do you believe the sum of one's action and behaviors influence where or in what form you will exist? Based on the temporal life you've lived thus far...
  20. Leonides

    Afterlife and Dealing With Death

    Just wanted to say to everyone here, thank you. I've posted a few questions this week on this website and everyone gave some very thoughtful answers! I had some great feedback on my last episode, and hope you guys enjoy this one. Recommend this video to those who are Atheist/Agnostic. Now of...