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Last Activity:
Feb 20, 2014
Feb 17, 2008
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Well-Known Member, from Florida

Troublemane was last seen:
Feb 20, 2014
    1. Heneni
      Naaahhhh......you wouldnt......you shouldnt have....you couldnt have.......

      Can i have another pretzel please.
    2. Heneni
      If your mafia, im going to buy a plane ticket and .....its going to hurt...
    3. Heneni
      Come sign up for the new mafia game...
    4. Caladan
      Maybe we have some interesting stories to share with each other.. trees wise. :D
    5. Heneni
      Yip mom was gorgeous. Thanks!
    6. Heneni
      We are out of pretzels.....
    7. Quagmire
      Have a good Thanksgiving Mike!
    8. Heneni
      I've come to check that heart of yours......
    9. Runewolf1973
      I would like to know more about your shamanic beliefs. They sound very similar to my own. I too walk the way of the shaman.
    10. GURSIKH
      hello troubleman ,
      u can read interesting story narrated by me "guru nanak and sacred thread " on sikhism subsection .

      bye take care
    11. Heneni
      Hows the mane?
    12. Quagmire
      I could have sworn I already had you on my friends list T-man. Anywayz, thanks for the request.
    13. Quagmire
      Happy New President's DAy Mike!!!
    14. Heneni
      Please put me out of my misery and tell me WHAT that is...i mean 'that' in your avatar. Eternally grateful for your response....
    15. Ron_WT
      Kokopele? don't think I spelled it correctly. Hopi Indians your avatar, nice. The flute player, healer and teacher I studied a lot of native American Indian religions. The Hopi as you probably know do not believe they are indigenous to this planet. We have much to talk about my friend. And thank you for your kind words and requesting friendship. I was about to leave the forums until I met you Ultraviolet and zenzero. I think I will stay a while longer. Thank you.

      The way of the Shaman is a peaceful path the only thing I am uncertain of is the animal totems. ( sorry my spelling) I met a Shaman is South Carolina "John Littlecrow" was his name I met him at a powwow he told me I have a brown bear who is my guide, a large gey wolf that always walks with me to my right and a Hawk who is always near me. He said I have great medicine around me and asked me if I was a Shaman too. It was my first time hearing this (never studied this at the time) and unfortunatly I never really took it seriously at that time. Much later I began a self study in native American cultures and religions. I do find it fascinating just not sure about the whole animal guide thing for me but a lot of what we talked about did make a lot of sense. Peace my brother until we speak again.
    16. GURSIKH
      i will post many ,dear .
      anyway ur smile is very sweet .

      love n light
    17. Sunstone
      Most thought is mere trickery.
    18. blackout
      Well no stoned person could have spoken so coherently.
      (not me anyway! lol)

      And your Ultra relaxedness helped temper my nervousness.
      I sounded so much louder than I normally do,
      when I make audios by myself! Ick!

      You were great. Sorry about all the material that I lost. :o
    19. blackout
      Ninja! Yarr!!! 'it must be in the bloodline....
    20. Darkwater
      That was a great interview troublemaine,magick!
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    "All science is incorporeal, the instrument it uses being the mind, just as the mind employs the body."
    ---Corpus Hermeticum :ninja: