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  • Salaam alaikum sister,

    Just wanted to say welcome back. I hope you and your family have been well.

    Best Regards.
    It was FANTASTIC. The fragrance filling the house was amazing. I set it on low to simmer, went for a run, and ate it when I came back. Thank you! Husband loved it even more. Asked me to make it again. Kudos! :D
    Alright, my friend, ingredients gathered, am making chowder tonight. I'm hungry already, and it's only lunch time. Hope you're doing well!
    Hi! Been wanting to tell you I'm still going to make the chowder. I can't find a grocery store that sells clam stock, but I haven't hit many places yet. :D Thanks again for the recipe!
    Hate to tell you TJ, I am saying this here because I didn't want to hijack your thread, but seriously, Atheists aren't required to prove a negative.

    I'm a Theist too, so I'm not saying god doesn't exist, I'm just stating the obvious. Asking what you asked is like asking is there proof that unicorns cannot exist, or, is there proof water sprites can't exist?

    Regards :)
    Salaamms Tj! been thinking of dropping you my salamms and pats to the pets :D how is it going? Heard the weather was really nasty in Ny?
    O I believe a great many Muslims believe they are on the true path and constantly tell other co-Muslims how wrong they are in believing this and practising that. Concerning Ahmadiyya while I strongly crititcise their controlling and manipulative system I cannot comment on their relationship between Allah and Hazoor SAW.
    I would have frubaled you for it, but dang it. the frubal gods say I haven't frubaled enough people to frubal you again.
    Also I was wondering if you have read any Islamic literature? I know that you liked the Qur'an and I would recommend Martin Ling's Muhammad. It is a very beautiful book with the verses subtly added in so that if some people find it difficult to read (because it is nonlinear) it makes it easier to understand them and the life of our prophet.

    Best Regards.
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