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Civil Shephard

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  • Sheesh, some people, they joke about anything.
    And did you know that you need a license to be that tall? In civilised countries anyway.
    I'm enjoying this conversation because of the thoughts that you provoke in me.
    So, I hope your not selling yourself short.

    I like the following ideas of Origen:

    -The concept that God is perfect unity, incomprehensible to the human mind.
    -Logos (Christ) being mediation between God (changeless unity) and the world.
    -He believed that souls existed prior to becoming embodied in a perfect state, and only on account of their own negligence did they fall. This fall was impetus for creation it self.
    No, but it probably could be. I made that character up last summer during one of my astronomy labs. One of my friends called me the king of snark. I liked the sound of that and ran with it. Presently I have two alter egos probably with more to come.
    Hi, yes its a beautiful passage of scripture. 'No bruised reed will he crush nor flaxen wick will he extinguish'... the hebrew language is so beautiful but more to the point, the way God views us, as seen by the way Jesus treated people, is beautiful. I cant imagine life without them.
    Hello Civil Shephard, :)
    Thanks a lot for your sweet message and for the encouragement.:) :) I am really glad that you liked it. :D
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