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  • I'm good, thank you, except I have one of my wisdom teeth coming through. That's not fun. :D
    Agnostic? No, I don't think God would be agnostic. An agnostic doubts his own opinion about god's existence. God would know whether he exists. But he might well be apatheist and ignostic, if he cared enough to say so.
    It was a post by Man of Faith where he said something like "not all atheists are blue smurfs". Autodidact then used a smurf avatar, and so I did.
    I took a look at another view of Consciousness and Awareness. One website said, which I am starting to agree with because of personal experiance, that Awareness is the perceptive ability of the Self. Which the Self is Being-Consciousness-Bliss .

    Also, the reason why we are not conscious when we are sleeping is because we are externalized, meaning we are identifying with the external world. When we go to sleep in that state we become "unconscious" because we are externalized and the external world has dissapeared. Unconsciousness, as I see it, is an illusion created by the contaminated mind.
    You are welcome, and thank you for the frubals. I'm glad to clarify such thing. I knew that Islam as an Abrahamic faith, and an organized religion, would give people the wrong impression on some parts.
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    How pitiful and anti-agnostic. I shall not live in the shadow of the darkness of my ancestor's delusions; nor shall I worship idol scripture. But I shall think for myself, that I may be liberated from the bondage of anti-agnostic thoughts. You were born agnostic, you live agnostic, and you will die agnostic. Even animals are agnostic. Even rocks are agnostic. All, to the tiniest atom serve the Will of Our God Creator, whom is the first cause and first responsibility. Do not deny IT.
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