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Magic Man
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  • I am pretty nurturing. I love to cook over food shopping (i.e. modern gathering). I know plenty of women who are about the physical when it comes to sex and things like one-night stands. I am more along the lines of emotional intimacy when it comes to sexuality. As I know a girl better, she becomes so much more sexy than a hotter girl who I do not know well.
    Responding on here, because I do not want to derail the Palin thread any further:

    I disagree. Men and women are very similar on a basic level. It is our society and cultures that create gender. If you are right in your assessment that men and women are different, then I actually hate men as a sex and not just the chauvinistic conception of male identity that we have crafted. :rainbow1:
    I tried to give you frubals but it said I had to spread them around more first. This is a rain check for (1) frubal.
    I want a medal! :(

    I did search, but I did not find... I remember when I had my computer, I was able to find out about them; but, I don't know if that information is hidden behind a link my box of Gwynnies won't click, like them furballs...

    Yeah, you probably wanted to hear alla that... :D
    GET IT. I am only slightly underweight and seeing your pig ugly face might encourage the developing bulimia, ****face.
    It is cheap and easy to install and it does make conversations so much easier
    hiya fatass. have you managed to get with the 21st century yet and get skype? we could speak face to face which would be puke rendering
    if you do I am: jaynewalsh76
    my new email is : [email protected]
    I will be about all the time, just not every day as i am so busy. when is a good time to catch you online so we can catch you properly, toy boil on the bum!
    j xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    life is pretty good, just very hectic.
    I passed my degree....yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    I didnt get onto the teaching course this year so I am working two jobs to make ends meet. Paul is away in Switzerland until Christmas so I am busy busy busy.
    What have you and the good lady been up to?
    hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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