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Magic Man
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  • YouTube - * Quran : Top Scientists Comments on Scientific Miracles in the Quran * # Faith and Science # ,, SCIENTIFIC MIRACLES IN THE HOLY QURAN ,,,, BY GREAT SCIENTISTS ,, LOOK AT OTHERS IN YOUTUBE SITE
    Hot Fuzz is the best bromance film since Shaun of the dead, you must watch it :yes: be careful though I fell off the chair laughing twice!
    heh, I am back retard. Are you still around or have you get the hint and left?
    (hugs, you gloriuos man)
    Well then, instead of just reading some meaningless crap on a forum, if you're ever interested, we can actually have a conversation and you can finally get to know me (and then judge me ;) )
    You know absolutely nothing about me. Please don't talk like you do. I really don't have a superiority complex - the counsellor even agrees with me :p so really, if you are that hell bent on slapping me with a disorder because it helps you sleep better at night, enjoy.
    If you can't take personal things out of a debate (I didn't seek you personally... it just happened to be something I actually know a lot about, and it needed correcting.) then you really should consider ignoring my posts. I've left everything personal behind, and I have chilled.

    I don't have a superiority complex, everyone who really knows me (in real life and otherwise) will tell you this. I have apologized to just about everyone that feels I have wronged them. It's not your place to judge me. You have no idea what I do. Likewise, I don't judge you, because it's not my place. (Does that sound superior to you?)

    Keep your opinions to themselves when they are personal attacks, please. That's all I'm really asking. Besides, it's in the rules. You should consider following them.
    I don't have any of those things, if you actually would try to get to know me. The people on here who have been here as long as I have generally don't feel the way you do about me, and there's a reason most of those people have left. Maybe it's not just me after all.

    Your statement was an attempt to make me leave the forum again because apparently I'm causing you mild annoyance. Why do you let me get to you like that? Seriously, we're just people on a forum. Please, chill out.

    Also, I'm willing to apologize to anyone for any harm I have caused them, and I actually have apologized to those I have wronged. You are judging me unfairly. I think it's you who's too proud to apologize for your comment about wishing my absence.

    Please, if you're not going to be nice to me at all, just leave me alone from now on.
    I haven't written ANYTHING like what you said to me. I've only tried to bring a different opinion to the table. Apparently that's not acceptable here anymore, because it was when I first joined RF. As far as being nasty to people, I've never told them that life would be better without them on this forum, and that they should just leave.

    It's not even halfway relevant to any discussion I've ever had! You really do misunderstand me, and you don't care that you do. Fair enough, but leave me personally out of your emotional ********. It's not my problem you don't like what I'm saying. And seriously, the next time you try to make someone feel like dirt, just know that it won't work on me. ;)
    No, what you said was mean and had nothing to do with the conversation. It really was very rude.
    Next time you want to tell me that you wish I were gone, just tell me face to face. It's much nastier to do it in front of everyone.
    great, thank you. i would like to be understood correctly. i made that kind of mistakes and i am willing to learn. thank you so much. this is .lava whom you teach English huh? hehe
    hi :D i've just noticed your signature. i've been wondering about whom and who. i do not exactly know how to and where to use whom.
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