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  • No, I don't have Skype, but I could get it. My parents and brother use it. You are correct, though, it would be puke-rendering for me. I'm not sure I could take more than 10 seconds of looking at that ugly rectum you call a face.

    I'll send you an e-mail in a little bit, and we'll talk, ***-breath.
    Im fine and dandy as candy!! LOL!!! Mball is FUNNY!!!Just read his message to you..Mball!!!LEAVE your ball head alone and stop waxing it on JAYNE!LOL!! JK...

    Hey lets get in a fight!Tee hee..No anyway Im just in my usual drama drama that my life seems to be..My "curse"..Oh and watch out because Im "peri menopause" !!!!!
    Hey, you bloated numbskull! It's good to hear from you again. I've wondered where you've been. Glad to hear everything's relatively OK. Are you going to be around much or are you just dropping in and running? Sorry to hear about the teaching course and Paul being away.

    MJ and I are pretty good. We're still settling into our house, and I'm enjoying my new job. If you're around this week, we'll have to catch up.

    Big hugs, you lovely bugger. I've missed you.
    Not a lot recently. I haven't been up to anything worth talking about. Rather dull, isn't it? How about you?
    Howdy, ladyfriend! Long time no see!! :hugehug:

    I've been working - a LOT - with three different business ventures. All surrounding dance/fitness/the arts, of course. Very busy, but's so far so good.

    Family is doing great. All the kids are taller than me (LOL). Husband has been totally awesome with this transition. Only bad thing is that the house looks like a wreck and dinners have been finger foods (hey, at least I have clean underwear and we're not starving). ;)

    How have YOU been, beautiful? :foryou:
    Hi there! Great to see you.
    Exams next week for me. so yup i'm tipping away. In need of a second brain and some 50 hour days :D
    See ya soon I hope.
    I'm fine... glad you're back.
    That is really weird. I was just wondering about you not more than a few hours ago, and now here you are. I was going to try to get in touch with you, you dumbass. hugs right back, beautiful
    i've just red your replies about your mom. i am sorry for your loss. i am glad you were by her side.
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