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  • Ramadan Kareem Brother :)
    Thank you and may Allah (Swt) help us all conveying the truth.
    May Allah's peace and blessing be upon our beloved teacher and Prophet, ameen!
    Very true let's seize this great opportunity of Ramadan to pray for the Ummah and to double our good deeds and worship since the reward of all good deeds is doubled :)
    Ramadan Mubarak Kareem brother!
    May Allah accept your fasting and worship, ameen! :)
    Ramadan Kareem. i am sorry i haven't notice you are not on my friend list.
    selamu alaykum brother and happy ramadan, may Allah make this fasting month easy for you and me and all the ummah and may our sins be forgiven inshallah, amin.
    hey brother how are you.

    i read your frubal comment, and to be honest i don't know where i got it from. i think brother cordoba had a link in some other thread a while back about the biography of muhammed (saws).

    i can try to search for it until i find the website, or i can just find some other site that has his biography and i can delete those posts and replase them with the new ones plus the link.

    i have that biography saved on my computer, for a while now so i really don't know from wich site it is.

    what would you like me to do?
    eselamu alaykum, haven't seen you in a while iloveislam, you coming in less often i think, i hope you and your family are in great health inshallah.
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