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  • salam brother, i opened a thread about homosexuality and i would love it if you could take part in it, it is in the same faith debate section
    Muslims: discussion about homosexuality
    Hi Zhakir, nice to hear from you!

    Do not worry about giving me a "bad image of Islam", you did no such thing. :) Maybe our views did not match, but I know that you only wanted to teach me the best form of Islam, without bid'ah, shirk etc.

    Malid an-Nabi, by the way! :)
    Assalamu Aleikum.
    Soumuna Maqbul Insha'Allah. May Allah allow us to reach and finish the next Ramadhan.

    selamu alaykum brother and happy ramadan, may Allah make this fasting month easy for you and me and all the ummah and may our sins be forgiven inshallah, amin.
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