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Curious George

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  • Gday Curious. Looking at the 'Do you have mental health issues' thread, it looks like I was right in my assertion. I know there are also lots of other members with issues who didn't declare it or vote. So now the question is 'Are we only interested in religion and philosophy because humanity has mental health issues ?' Has evolution made us self-aware to our detriment ? Or are we made in the likeness of a disturbed God ?
    Thanks for frubals! I'm picturing Cephus brandishing a loaded weapon and shouting at the top of his lungs, "THINK RATIONALLY NOW!!!!!!!!!!"
    Oops! the post previous to the one I fruballed was the one I was referring to. You posted another one and I clicked that one. Oops! :eek:
    FYI, I posted a thread in response to your question about Talmud. It's in Comparative Religion. Thanks for asking.
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