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May 31, 2012
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Active Member, from Norway

    1. Breathe
      You'd've guessed right. :)
    2. Breathe
      Pratyekayāna simply means "solitary vehicle". It means, basically, something similar to "one's own path", or "following the Dharma on one's own without spiritual guidance from the spiritual community". It's something a Solitary Buddha (Pratyekabuddha) follows. Of course, I'm not a Buddha. Yet. :D
    3. Breathe
      No worries. Very cool; what Pagan group? Any in particular? :)
    4. Breathe
      When did you become a Pagan? :D
    5. Quintessence
      I believe she is, yes, but I'm not sure. I would have to look up her academic training again. She's done some interesting census work on the Neopagan community, and the book on teen witches was probably an extension of that.
    6. Orias
      Hey dude, hope the journey stays safe and interesting. Xeper!
    7. Quintessence
      Oh! It was a book actually, by some of the relatively few academics out there studying contemporary Paganism. It took me a while to remember, but it is this book (amazon link). Helen Berger's stuff in general is amazing; I've read most of her works.
    8. Quintessence
      Wait.. which thread was it? I reply to so many threads, I can't keep track. >_>
    9. Cassiopia
    10. MysticSang'ha
      I like your easygoing nature. Hope you're enjoying RF! :)
    11. Debater Slayer
      Debater Slayer
      Hi, Polarbear.

      I haven't been on much in the last few days due to a network disconnection. I'm back now, but I haven't really looked around the forums much. Maybe I'll get involved in some debates when I start perusing the forums again. :D
    12. chinu
      In punjabi tradition, the word "Sikh" means "learner of spirituality",
      So.. yes am sikh, am a learner. :)

      Anyways.. What about you ? to which religion do you belong to ?
    13. Quintessence
      Currently I'm stuck in agribusiness, but what I'm trained in is botany/ecology/conservation. Turns out it's very hard to get a job in that field even fresh out of grad school. T_T
    14. Orias
    15. Orias
    16. Orias
      Not too much, I've been participating in debate threads and the philosophy sections of the forum lately. There's always something good happening around here :D
    17. chinu
      Truely saying.. As too much of heat is falling down these days where i live, and i like your name as it gives a cool impression. :cool:

      Well.. very nice to meet you.:)

    18. Wirey
      Thanks for the Vegas frubal.
    19. Orias
      I'll check em out, and you're welcome :D
    20. Shuddhasattva
      I used the word informally, my apologies. What I mean here is that Kaulachara is a discipline which includes within it the Vamachara approach, while Vamachara is an approach that includes within it disciplines, most prominently Kaulachara.

      They are almost, but not quite, synonymous.

      My post, by the way, on black metal & LHP was quite facetious, I actually used to be very into black metal, and still appreciate it. But a lot of the black metal is very silly stuff influenced by watered down "whoa, dude, eviiiil!" satanism, etc.
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