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Curious George

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  • Thanx for the owned sidewalk with a public easement froobment.
    And for phlurbing the quick whataboutism when criticizing China.
    And for the "fetish" froubish.
    And for furballing Vermont's concealed carry laws.
    And for the 2nd Amendment's evolution fruub.
    I didn't catch your post in the Confederacy thread until now, but thanks a lot.
    It'll take me a while to fully digest your source, but it looks very informative and relevant to the debate.
    Thanx for froobing my not being a Proud Boy.
    And for the legal single gender club frubal.
    And for flurbing dense walls of text which cover everything.
    And for the considered possibilities frubol.
    And for foolbring congressmen.
    And for the questionable advice frooble.
    And for foulbring self picking nits.
    Thanx for the poster's penis obsession frubion.
    And for flurbing changing the word's meaning.
    And for fruballing the noble savage myth.
    And for the Homey don't play that frubal.
    And for foolbring things being better than in years past.
    And for the bad attitudes on both sides furball.
    Thanx for the skepticism of data fruba.
    And for froobing the post with "crotchblatz".....yeah, I said it.
    And for the #2 kind of guy furball.
    And for fruballing strategy vs tactics.
    And for the bi-partisan opposition to the 1st Amendment froobment.
    And for flurbing not killing people over political disagreement.
    Thanks for the frube on Why is it ok for racists, but when anti racist make critique then...
    Thanx for froobing changing cultural standards towards treatment of animals.
    And for flurbitting restraint towards Iran.
    And for the pedantic frubic.
    And for flurbing dangerous cops.
    And for the better training for cops frubal.
    And for furballing my excuse.
    And for the to be rewarded frubyl.
    Thanx for froobing the Constitution being still fit for the modern world.
    And for the continually defended rights frubal.
    And fr fruballing the Constitution not addressing automobiles.
    Curious George I noticed you make a spelling error on a post, and that was very out of character for you. Peace. I hope you are feeling Ok.
    Curious George
    Curious George
    Lol, unfortunately my spelling errors are numerous enough. Let me know the error and I will edit if possible.
    Thanks for the frube on The problem with Democrats and the liberal left is they are too emotional.
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