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Curious George

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  • Thanx for fruballing dissed gun control proposals!
    And for the false equivalency frubency!
    And for froobing straight answers to trolling questions!
    And for the easily enlisted furball !
    Thanx for fruballing the right to assisted suicide!
    And for the ambidextrous frubal !
    And for furballing folding pliers being too dangerous for Limeys to own!
    And for the constitutional intent furble!
    And for foorbling intermittent control over the militia!
    And for tolerating my pedantry frubantry!
    And for fruubing the suggested (not quite required) reading list!
    And for the annoying flurbing!
    Thanx for fruballing Stephen Honking being a jerk!
    And for the mischievous word, "faith", frubyl !
    And for the unexpected unproductive bickering frubering!
    And for furballing cloying praise of moderation!
    And for the positionless frubal !
    And for flurbling same faith debates!
    And for the boiled down claim flurblet!
    And for the unexpected frubal for having no need!
    Thanx for fruballing putting yellow tape around it!
    And for the cops not protecting us flurble!
    And for furballing doing something being better than doing nothing!
    And for the ungrammatical frubical !
    And for froobing the 65K figure!
    And for the Elliott-Larsen flurben!
    And for furlbing the lack of clarification!
    And for the completely understandable frubable!
    Xie xie for the modest frubal !
    And for froobing paying attention to the wrong people!
    And for the Madison quotes fruble!
    And for furballing the statistical commentary!
    And for the pure mostly frubal!
    And for froobing distracted misunderstanding!
    And for the villanous frubyl !
    Thanx for the discouraging discussion frubulation!
    (I've had a couple of those lately. )
    And for fruballing my inability to see that movie!
    And for the difference of opinion frubion!
    Thanx for the trouble making frubing!
    And for the soggy frubal !
    And for the imperial storm trooper froober!
    And for floorbing the unwanted hiatus!
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