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Curious George

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  • Thanx for froobing Ameristanian motor sports & hobbies.
    And for the F-18 frubal.
    And for flurbing Star Trek, Indian Chiefs & Team Americastan World Police.
    And for fruballing BLT sammiches & BBQ ribs.
    And for the Futurama & Simpsons fruble.
    And for froolbing the ruined moment.
    And for the loopy horror story fruby.
    And for foorlbing not spinning.
    Thanx for frooballing the difficulty of addressing meandering claims.
    And for the trio of Trump Effect frubals.
    And for the undocumented frubil.
    And for furballing Thief's marriage.
    And for the swift kick furball.
    And for the tree hugging frubing.
    And for furballing SJWs.
    And for the Pee Wee Herman frubyl.
    And for furlbing PACs.
    Thanx for the Shawshank Frudemption.
    And for froobing having no fear of offending others.
    And for the unsure frubal.
    And for fruballing DAM.
    And for the TAD & TDS treatment frubement.
    And for froulbing bursting at the seams.
    And for the blessing froobing.
    And for furbling my being only 30 years old.
    Thanx for the Deepak Chopra plagiarism frubism.
    And for froobing mythological Jesus.
    And for the Boy Scout bizarre ritual frubual.
    And for the expensive bodily invasion frubasion.
    And for fruballing not calling me Shirley.
    And for the multiple movie references froobyl.
    And for fruulbing sexual orientation vs propensity to rape.
    Curious George
    Curious George
    It wasn't deepak, but it was still a good post.
    Thanx for fruballing cops regularly getting away with abusing civilians.
    And for the Police Squad fallacy frubacy.
    And for frooubing empathy & social skills.
    And for fluirbing the court victory over corrupt government.
    And for the one week of success fruubal.
    And for fruubing seeing being knowing.
    And for the slightly less rude alternatives furble.
    And for the brown eyed foorlbe.
    Thank you for fruballing Fighting against the existence of God, the atheists destroy the existence of satan.
    Thanx for frooballing starting more Trump impeachment threads.
    And for the returned Iranian money frubey.
    And for furballing the independent existence of math.
    And for the hints to understanding atheists frubal.
    And for froobing awkwardly worded titles.
    And for the leading atheists to holy water fruber.
    And for froubling freudian inferences.
    And for the cops beating another cop furball.
    George, I must tell you that your liking of my status message gave me my best chuckle I've had here lately. I can only wonder if you are happy that I'm not going to be around here for a little while!
    Curious George
    Curious George
    No, just happy for you to get to go on an adventure. I also thought that it was kind to let people know in case they were expecting a reply.
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