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  • Thanx for froobing the morality of gay marriage.
    And for the thoughtful GW consideration frubation.
    And for froubing ending fighting.
    And for the agreeable frubable.
    And for flurbing our continual mid-east violent meddling.
    And for the "only 2" frubal.
    And for frulbing draft registration changes.
    Thanx for fruballing analysis of disparate racial effects in policing.
    And for the pair of universality of mathematics frubals.
    And for froobing leaping to judgment...or not.
    And for the four lavatories per elevator froobor
    And for froobling impressive effort in your post.
    And for the laughing frubing.
    And for froubling not researching gay marriage outcomes.
    And for the skeptical frubical.
    Thanx for the unprobable frubable.
    And for fruballing uncaring persons who bomb others.f
    And for the wordy fruby.
    And for froobing conversation.
    And for the occasionally appropriate grilling frubing.
    And for furballing staycations.
    And for the non-bombastic frubic.
    And for phroobing the phishy pardon.
    Nice to see you are back, I liked my discussions with you more than anyone else here, even-though we usually disagreed.
    Thanx for the slightly fearful frubul !
    And for fruballing the earlier & better motto!
    And for the borking frubing.
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