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What more important to you

Shadow Wolf

Certified People sTabber
I don't have much control over how the world sees me. People who wanna pidgeon hole me with things like libra will simply never know me, when I was young people thought I was older and now people think I'm younger, I've been called left handed, someone has denied I'm a ginger, some think I'm a demonic devil worshipper, even how I talk people have thought I'm from all over the Anglosphere.


Hermit Thrush
The world is a valuable sounding board to improve your own self-awareness and identify your blind spots.
However the world can never understand you to the degree that you understand yourself - so we can often brush off those in the world as uninformed where applicable.

I value some in the world - my family, friends and other associates more than others in the world. Typically those that are emotionally invested in my life, or those that are financially invested but emotionally neutral (therapist, medical professionals, etc.) who are valuable expressly due to their neutrality.

For those that I suspect to be working against my interests or well-being, even under the guise of 'helping' me, I try not to spare much thought.


Nothing my eye, Something for sure
It's entirely true that caring too much about what others think of me would be exhausting. It's crucial to me to have my own standards and values. I consider people to be fickle.

In my experience vast sums of people are miserable and love to make others miserable.
Superficiality is something that i see out there.
On top of that people are wary of others.

Depends where I go. I'm not a fan of American culture, and American ways nor their attitudes and morals. To me it gets worse every year.

By nature I want to be friendly but that gets harder and harder.


Well-Known Member
I am powerless over how others see me, so it would be foolish to worry about it; but I do sometimes worry about that, because I’m human, and egotistical like everybody else. And it’s nice occasionally to get positive affirmation from others, but foolish to go looking for it.


Staff member
Premium Member
How others see me, of course. It's how I've evolved this impeccable fashion sense everyone here raves about.

Some may claim my fashion sense demonstrates that how I see myself is more important to me, but that's only because they are jealous and always see me admiring my highly fashionable wardrobe in a mirror. But I'm really doing it for them just to make sure I've accessorized just right.


Consults with Trees
Staff member
Premium Member
"The world" doesn't have to constantly deal with me and the overwhelming majority of it isn't even meaningfully aware of my existence. But I do have to constantly deal with me and am meaningfully aware of my existence all but about eight or nine hours of every day. Guess which one I prioritize based on that.

Secret Chief

nirvana is samsara
What more important to you...
How you see yourself or how the world sees you?

Its not a debate. Its a discussion.
The former (not sure about the "see" word though).

No control over the latter. Not going to spill any specific beans but having started a new job a year ago new people have gotten to know me and some of the comments about me (directly and indirectly) have quite surprised me. Poor self-awareness clearly!