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  • Appreciate the "useful" on spirituality vs religious comment. Have a blessed 2021!
    Thanx for fruballing our all being individuals, & not defined by a religion.
    And for the paddle'n a mean poster froober.
    thanx for the bop
    lost loves that leave forever, memories almost sacred
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    Forever love is hard for me. But I got them people in my life. It's a sacred thing for sure.
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    Morality is objective! People can change for the better. Virtues over vice! Govern thyself! Keep the peace! Love somebody! Stay safe! Diet!
    Thanx for the measures to mitigate poverty fruberty.
    And for flurbing dangers of God's chosen people.
    And for foolbring the history of the frubal.
    And for the newcomer fruber.
    And for fluorbing staff approved text.
    And for fuurlbing immediately arresting police who commit crimes.
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