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Reincarnation/Past Lives


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A UK man claims that a hypnosis session triggered vivid memories of his past life as an airplane photographer and gunner during World War One.

Man Vividly Remembers Past Life as WWI Pilot

Steve Mulligan was born in 1961, in the city of Manchester, but also has very clear memories of growing up in Llandudno, Wales, in the beginning of the 20th century. He claims that he grew up as Sydney Sutcliffe, and died at the age of 24, after his plane was shut down on the Western Front during WWI. He always had these strange memories that played out in black and white, of him looking down from high up in the sky, but he could never really make sense of them. And then he went in for a hypnosis session and discovered that he was remembering his past life.

Man who remembers past life as WWI pilot visits 'his own grave in Llandudno'

Though he wasn't born until 1961, Steve claims to remembers his past-life in Llandudno as early as 1903 when he was Sydney Sutcliffe, son of Abraham "Arthur" Sutcliffe, an entertainer at Llandudno’s Pavilion Theatre.

Speaking to North Wales Live, Steve said: "Since my childhood I've always been drawn to Llandudno, even when I came here as a child I knew my way around and my mum used to be amazed at how I knew where to go.

"When we'd be walking round it was like I was having deja vu, like I'd been there before.

"It wasn't until someone suggested doing a past life regression that all of this came spilling out."


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Insightful article by enlightened master Meher Baba on reincarnation....

Reincarnation According to Avatar Meher Baba — Meher Mount

"The worldly man completely identifies life with the manifestations and activities of the gross body. For him, therefore, the beginning and the end of bodily existence are also the beginning and end of the individualised soul.

"The overwhelming importance of death is derived from man's attachment to particular forms, but death loses much of its sting and importance, even for the worldly man, if he takes a broader view of the course of life.

"In spite of their transitoriness, there is an unbroken continuity of life through these forms, old ones being discarded and new ones created for habitation and expression.

“The recurring incident of death is matched by the recurring incident of birth.

“Old generations are replaced by new ones; life is reborn in new forms, incessantly renewing and refreshing itself..." [2]

The Three Forms of Nature
“Immortality of the individualised soul is rendered possible by the fact that the individualised soul is not the same as the physical body.

“The individualised soul continues to exist with all its sanskaras [impressions] in the inner worlds through the medium of its mental and subtle bodies, even after it has discarded its gross body at the time of death.

"So, life through the medium of the gross body is only a section of the continuous life of the individualised soul; the other sections of its life have their expression in other worlds."

“The whole of nature may therefore be conveniently divided into three parts – (i) the gross world, (ii) the subtle world and (iii) the mental world. [3, 4, 5]

“When the individualised soul has incarnated itself in a physical body, it expresses its life in the gross world.

"When it drops the outer sheath, the physical body, it continues to have its expression of life either in the subtle world through subtle body, or in the mental world through the mental body.” [6]

“Ordinarily, life in the physical body is terminated only when the sanskaras [7] released for expression in that incarnation are all worked out. [8]

"When the soul drops its physical body it is completely severed from all connections with the gross world, though the ego and the mind are retained with all the impressions accumulated in the earthly career.

“...ordinary spirits try to reconcile themselves to severance from the gross world, and conform to the limitations of changed conditions and sink into a state of subjectivity in which a new process begins of mentally reviewing the experiences of the earthly career by reviving the sanskaras connected with them.

“Thus death inaugurates a period of comparative rest consisting in a temporary withdrawal from the gross sphere of action. It is the beginning of an interval between the last incarnation and the next.”

~ Meher Baba


Good to see a psi-encyclopedia article here. Honestly the weaknesses of the living-agent psi hypothesis are part of what makes the reincarnation hypothesis reasonable. Granted, empiricism aside, I think it's disquieting from a personal standpoint even if one accepts the eternality of the soul. Pre-existence, life, afterlife, etc. is a whole different ball game from repeated worldly existences.


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Interview with Dr. Brian Weiss on reincarnation...

“We are all immortal” - Times of India

The Greeks and Indians have always believed in the theory of reincarnation. I firmly believe karma is not punishment but an opportunity to learn our lessons. If the lessons have not been learnt in a previous lifetime, we come back to work on them. The lessons are about love, compassion, non-violence, patience, understanding and non-prejudice.

When the lessons and learnings are complete. Then there’s no reincarnation.

We are living in a world full of anxieties that cripple us. How can we heal and be free of them?

This is a matter of recognising our true nature. We are spiritual beings. We are immortal and eternal. Anxieties and other negative emotions are merely temporary states.


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Informative article on Dr.Brian Weiss and his evolution from a skeptical, atheist psychiatrist to a believer in reincarnation...

Skeptical psychiatrist finds proof of reincarnation

Dr. Weiss graduated magna cum laude from Columbia University, obtained a medical degree from Yale University and later taught psychiatry at the University of Miami and became head of its psychopharmacology division.

When he became chief of psychiatry at a hospital in Miami, he had already published over 37 scientific papers and book chapters in the field of psychiatry.

Dr. Weiss’ impressive academic and scientific backgrounds certainly did not prepare him for what he discovered about reincarnation. In his best-selling book “Many Lives, Many Masters,” he said “years of disciplined study… had trained my mind to think as a scientist and physician, molding me along the narrow paths of conservatism in my profession.

“I distrusted anything that could not be proved by traditional scientific methods. I was aware of some studies in parapsychology being conducted at major universities across the country, but they did not hold my interest. It all seemed too far-fetched to me.”

Unexplained phobias

Then he met a patient named Catherine in 1980. The encounter completely changed his life and his traditional way of thinking.


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Any suggestions for a decent, relatively easy to read book(s) presenting case examples and possible evidence? Obviously there are probably a thousand out there, so I'm hesitant to blow money on a Kindle book that turns out to be garbage. Thanks.

Reincarnation is conceptually similar to the current theory of evolution and how genetics change over time. For example, science says humans came from apes and can show that we share ape DNA.

Conceptually our human DNA, by sharing some ape DNA, essentially has a generic record of a past species wide life as an ape, from many many generations ago. It is possible the brain may have a way to access and translate the data.

If you go to any of the ancestry sites, from a DNA sample, they can trace the migration of your ancestors, since different countries have unique genetic markers. If these same ancestor genes could be translated by the brain it may bring us back to the gist of these earlier times, that then gets filled in via the imagination; deja vu.

rational experiences

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A sperm man human only adult owned. Exact human only advice.
An ovary. Woman human only adult owned. Exact.

Every human now. A baby conceived only.

So not only is your theorising fake. You keep it practiced as fake advice to all humans. By choice of the practiced terms. Word explanations just humans only use.

As our advice human only is exact only.

Is not reincarnation. It's human sex.

If DNA produces it's biological conscious body mind. Then of course if it was expressed before by human sex. A physical act only sex. Physical.

Then you'd probably own other memories. Not owned by the current modern day life. Owned by physical sex as an act of physical humans.

So it's not science. It's just a reviewed human study. By humans about humans.

As if the human wasn't applying it by choice the advice by human choice wouldn't exist either.


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Be your own guru
Pre-existence, life, afterlife, etc. is a whole different ball game from repeated worldly existences.
And how do you know that?
Reincarnation is conceptually similar to the current theory of evolution and how genetics change over time. For example, science says humans came from apes and can show that we share ape DNA.
How are the two similar? How will the DNA of a dead person arise in a new body?


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Informative article regarding reincarnation in Judaism and the Abrahamic religions...

Reincarnation: What is it, what does Judaism say about it? - explainer

While Judaism does not officially recognize reincarnation, there are some mystic and Kabbalistic traditions that do.

This relates to the Kabbalistic belief of gilgul, the migration of souls into new bodies after death.

Many rabbis throughout history have furiously rejected the idea of gilgul reincarnation, though others, especially in the Medieval era and onward, began to adopt it. In fact, it was likely one of the few things that the Vilna Gaon and the Baal Shem Tov agreed on.

Many beliefs about reincarnation gilgul in Jewish mysticism were compiled by Hayyim ben Joseph Vital in the text Shaar HaGilgulim.

Due to its role in Kabbalah, gilgul has become much more accepted among Hassidic Judaism, especially Ashkenazi Jews.


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Insightful article regarding reincarnation and NDE's ....

Past Lives & Future~I - The Statesman

The veracity and genuineness of all these claims regarding afterlife or “Spirit World” remain as questionable as those made by different religionists. In fact, all these empirical findings including past life regression therapies could not go beyond confirming the reality of past lives of reincarnated individuals. It is against this background that two recent books namely Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton, an American counselling psychologist, appear to be quite interesting if not very relevant or convincing.

But these two books do seem to fill the void left by most of the studies and research done on the subject. The claims made in the book often appear facetious and ludicrous, as the writer claims to have authored these books, based on his studies of many of the real-life stories of his cases under hypnosis over the years. All his studies and findings are predicated on ‘past life regression’ therapies which use hypnosis as a tool to take the subject back or forth in life to elicit inputs and feedback on the phenomenon of past life or afterlife. If we are to believe Michael Newton, then the life between lives is much more organised than we may have ever thought or imagined.

The period after death and before next birth is the period described in detail by his patients during the speciallyconducted past life regression sessions. According to Newton, the ‘afterlife’ or the ‘Spirit World’ is a much more beautiful and well-managed world, stewarded systematically and methodically by various tiers of wise and advanced souls. Our life on earth or other physical plane may not be so haphazard and chaotic as we often think, guided as they are by a subtle plan made in the ethereal world.


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Articles on twin sisters Gillian and Jennifer Pollock, whose family were convinced were the reincarnation of tragic siblings Joanna and Jacqueline.


The case for reincarnation was made compelling by the appearance of similar birthmarks between one of the twins, Gillian, and one of the dead sisters, Joanna. Both had a darker patch of skin, the size and shape of a thumbprint, on their hips.

In addition, the other twin, Jennifer, had a birthmark on her forehead that resembled a scar Jacqueline had received from a fall in 1954.

Similarly, despite being identical twins, there were other physical differences that made them look less like each other and more similar to one of their dead sisters that they’d never had the chance to meet.

Where Gillian’s gait was splay-footed, again like Joanna, Jennifer’s was ordinary just like Jacqueline.

However, the case for reincarnation is not merely physical. When Florence brought down the family's old toys from the attack, the girls automatically approached different toys without arguing or hesitation.

Gillian took Joanna’s favourite toys while Jennifer picked out Jacqueline’s. They were even able to identify which toys had been gifted to each sister by Father Christmas.

Did They Prove Reincarnation is Real? The Strange Case of the Pollock Twins | Nik | NewsBreak Original

John Pollock was convinced by that his twin daughters were reincarnations of his two previously deceased daughters. His wife Florence, who was initially skeptical, began to believe this theory as well, particularly when the twins would talk about the accident. This was an accident they were never told about. In many ways, this shared belief helped the grieving parents to forward and start to heal in their trauma.

The twins were featured in many studies of reincarnation. Some scientists believed that these strange coincidences could be explained by the fact that their mother Florence was still grieving when they were conceived and developing in the womb, therefore she may have left an imprint on them, giving them similar features and birthmarks. This in itself is a really interesting concept to consider, even if you don’t believe in reincarnation. The idea is that the mother can really shape who her unborn children will be based on how they’re feeling or what they’re thinking.


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Insightful article of a five year boy recalling past life as a woman who had died in a fire related accident.

Five-year old recalls past life | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World News

The account of the five-year old boy reads: “Little Luke Ruehlman, 5, spooked his parents at age 2 when he began incessantly insisting that he used to live a previous life as an African-American woman called Pam Robinson who jumped to her death to escape the flames inside Paxton Hotel in Chicago.

“His mother, Erika, said the five-year-old had started to scare her a little after he began speaking about a woman she had never heard of named Pam. After questioning her young son about the random woman to find out who she was, Luke revealed the starling truth about his alleged past life.

“Luke’s family, who live in Cincinnati, Ohio, said their son told them he travelled by train in Chicago despite them never taking him there, reports The Sun. Erika decided to research the bizarre claims and was shocked to find out that Pam was named one of 19 victims who died from the fire in 1993. Luke recalled eerie details about how he tried to escape the burning building and spoke about the moment he ‘met God.’ Erika says he also speaks about other moments that he ‘remembered’ from his past life. ‘He used to say, “When I was a girl, I had black hair” or he would say, ‘I used to have earrings like that when I was a girl,’ she said.

“Producers of paranormal investigations TV show ‘The Ghost Inside My Child’ have also delved into Luke’s case. During the show, the little boy was shown a page of pictures of different black women aged in their 30s and was asked to find the late Pam Robinson. Surprisingly, he was able to pick her out within the first go, according to the footage.

“Following the creepy development, Luke’s mum decided to reach out to Pam’s family. She said they described her personality and it revealed shocking similarities between Pam and Luke, such as their love for Steve Wonder and playing on the keyboard.”

Erika had told Fox 8 television: ‘‘He turned to me and said, “Well I was.” ‘(He said) “Well, I used to be, but I died and I went up to heaven. I saw God and then eventually, God pushed me back down and I was a baby and you named me Luke.”

I died in fire 17 years BEFORE I was born & was reincarnated - I ‘proved’ it


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Interesting article on gilgul and reincarnation in Kaballah...


Sometimes overlooked, both by Jews and by students of Jewish tradition, is gilgul, a concept that is described in great detail throughout the . Very much in line with samsara, which is often depicted as a wheel in Buddhist art, the word gilgul comes from the Hebrew root meaning “to spin.” The soul, in the kabbalistic view, spins onward through a great many bodies, striving after a higher form of perfection.

Though it is likely that Jewish ideas about transmigration are rooted far back in antiquity, the first explications of gilgul appear in medieval Kabbalah, in the and elsewhere. One of the earliest of these can be found in Sefer HaBahir (“The Book of Brightness”), an abstruse mystical tract of mysterious origin that began to circulate among kabbalists in 13th-century Europe. In a well known passage, the cycle of reincarnation is likened to a vinter who plants grapes that become sour. Disappointed, he clears his vineyard and plants a new crop, which also becomes sour. The Bahir asks: “How many times must he go through the process? He said, ‘Up to a thousand generations.’” Thus it is with the soul, which accrues merit (or not) over the course of countless lifetimes.

In the kabbalistic imagination, this is the situation for the vast majority of souls. While it occasionally happens that new souls may be created, most of us have been here before and will be here again. This particular life comprises but one stage on our path towards a perfected state when the small divine spark of our own soul will become reintegrated into the fires of the divine. This perfected state — i.e. the culmination of gilgul — can be understood as a cognate to the Buddhist notion of nirvana. However, where nirvana means literally “to blow out” — that is, to extinguish the flames of desire and greed — the kabbalists describe ultimate goal of transmigration as a kind of compounded flame, in which the soul’s spark is subsumed by the boundless light of God.

rational experiences

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The little boy born to two adult living humans who had sex.

Isn't a woman.
Isn't an adult.
Did not own the experience he saw a Vision.

Proves he is psychic.

Being born is being pushed down and out.

As his new life he owns all self images as the boy.

Yet proves the memory of a not fulfilled humans life recorded affects his as a heavenly recorded event of the woman's.

Isn't about light energy or a theory soul to electricity.