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If You had a Theme Song


"Be strong" I whispered to my coffee.
Premium Member
There is my RF theme.

Or perhaps

And so many more
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Secret Chief

Chief, not Chef
Most of what I like is instrumental, so I'll have to have a thunk. Already know what at want at my funeral though. It'll be a blast.

It Aint Necessarily So

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What song(s) would you choose to be your theme song(s)? Share any song you like to.

Maybe The Soprano's theme song, only because the music and lyrics are so infectious. I never get tired of hearing this:

Wow! It's amazing to see this song here. It's a wonderful song, and very appropriate for the times, though not well known outside of Deadhead circles. Our little amateur band covered several dozen Dead songs, this one among them. You might like hearing this rendition, since you already know and presumably like the song: