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It Aint Necessarily So

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  • Thanks for the like on The bible and slavery - please post direct passages from the bible that you believe support slavery.
    Continued ...
    I searched on your name, got loads of stuff on the actor, forced YouTube to search on the exact spelling and finally got a long list of your stuff, some of which I've listened to and enjoyed.

    By the way, I think you pissed off TransmutingSoul. I have a feeling he couldn't bring himself to say anything good about you, even your music! The truth can hurt, I fear. :)
    It Aint Necessarily So
    It Aint Necessarily So
    You're quite the sleuth. Yeah, I saw my name on the link, and posted it anyway. And I agree that TransmutingSoul doesn't like me. I think all the Baha'i dislike me. They seem to have emotional reactions to being disagreed with.
    I found your music by playing it on RF, then following to YouTube, where I saw "You make loving fun" and another that I forget. The reason I stopped responding publicly is that it shows your name, which you may not want made public, though I can't stop people doing what I did. Your link didn't work. I had to sign on to YouTube, luckily I had an account, but it then came up with some kind of error.
    Thanks for the funny for testing pasta on Poll: Who is everyone's father/mother/grandma?

    P.s. it actually works
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