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Bible Discrepancies


Well-Known Member
On the other hand if I am right, I'm still in good shape. But what about you????

If you`ve chosen the correct God.
if you haven`t ....I`ll save ya a seat.



Uber all member
prosecutor said:
Thanks linwood for the offer. However I did choose the right God so I want need that seat.
How do you know you chose the right God? How do you know that your denomination is not heretical?


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prosecutor said:
linwood, you being confused is hardly a new revelation. Saying there is not much difference from millenia and a day just makes it more obvious.
I`m just repeating what I`ve heard.


true blood

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Fellowship said:
True Blood,
Where did you get your text that you used to explain the Death of Judas? My ministry has come to the exact conclusion. (Whether some agree or not)
Email me?
[email protected]

I use blueletterbible for a lot of research but it seems that "slang" or figurative meanings are not always present. I could see if times were reversed and people were reading some texts that we would have written using some of the figurative meanings today that they could have been interpreted incorrectly.

Oh by the way, sorry. Very nice site. I'm glad a place like this is here and I am happy to be a member.
Greetings Fellowship,
Been busy of late but will get back to you about that conclusion. Enjoy the forums, it's alot of fun.


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Trueblood said:

Your simple, cursory reading of a website does not denote study. Its dull how you focus on one verse which "appears" to have Judas kill himself yet ignore the multiple other verses which indicate Judas did not kill himself until after the ascension. If that isn't ignorance, I don't know what is. As for the figurative usage, its verified in the classical writings of Aristophanes, Vespae. You are the only incorrect Mr. Biblical scholar.

He said that a long long time ago.
In short stating that the word or term used for "Hanged" could be used figuratively depending on content.

I disagreed and stated that every concordance or piece of literature i could find used the word literally regardless of content.

I couldn`t argue against his assertion that Aristophanes used the word figuratively in Wasps 686 because I couldn`t find a copy of Aristophanes wasps at my library (stolen).

I just had another apologetist give me the same argument for the word/term being used figuratively in Wasps at IIDB.
I asked if anyone on the board knew of an online version of wasps so I could check the reference.
Peter Kirby kindly posted this.....

Is it not the worst of all slaveries to see all these wretches and their flatterers, whom they gorge with gold, at the head of affairs? As for you, you are content with the three obols which they give you and which [685] you have so painfully earned in the galleys, in battles and sieges. But what I stomach least is that you go to sit on the tribunal by order. Some young fairy, the son of Chaereas, to wit, enters your house wiggling his arse, foul with debauchery, on his straddling legs and charges you to come and judge at daybreak, and precisely to the minute. [690] "He who presents himself after the opening of the Court," says he, "will not get the triobolus." But he himself, though he arrives late, will nevertheless get his drachma as a public advocate. If an accused man makes him some present, he shares it with a colleague and the pair agree to arrange the matter like two sawyers, one of whom pulls and the other pushes. [695] As for you, you have only eyes for the public pay-clerk, and you see nothing.

There appears to be no use of the word or term "Apagchomai" within Aristophanes Vespae 686 in either figurative or literal use.

Trueblood, your cite is wrong.

true blood

Active Member
First, there is no valid evidence Judas' died prior to the ascension. There are pronouns and words in the book. If observed it's apparent. The first indications of Judas' disappearance is after the ascension.

There is only 1 verse in question. Mat 27.5. The only Gospel that has the "...and he hanged himself". However, as the story unfolds and nouns and pronouns which refer to Judas alive and among the others. In the rules of language "hanged" must be a figurative usage. Even if you were a great writer and wrote in a literal usage it has nothing to do with the story found in the bible. The literal usage of hanged in Mat 27.5 is unacceptable to those who would prefer to read accordingly to the rules found in language.

Look into Henry George Liddell and Robert Scott and A Greek-English Lexicon rev. by Henry S. Jones p. 174

Grotious also spoke and made notes in the Expositor's Greek Testament. Many of the earliest Greek Testaments used a different word in Mat 27.5! Consider that for a moment. I'm not sure of the condition of the manuscripts and nor seen them, one must travel to Rome to view them, but they are numbered MSS 803, 875, 983, 1415, 1608, 2521, and 2539. MS 273. MS 827. All different manuscripts not using "Apagchomai" but a different word like apopnigo, pnigalion, apago. Definately many attempts during the earliest Greek writings of attempts to clarify.

Judas died over 40 days after Jesus' ascension by self impalement as fortold by a prophet in the Old Testament.