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  • Top Ten Reasons or facts - Why Jesus Is Not God.-By Joshua Evans, Former Youth Minister of Christians
    1. Almighty God is not born, But Jesus is born
    2. Jesus never said “I’m god”, Jesus never said “worship me”, No Explicit statement ever
    3. No one has ever seen God, people saw Jesus, No one can see god in this life
    4. Jesus never taught the trinity, Word Trinity no where in the Bible, This is something manmade.
    5. God don’t sleep, eat, drink etc, Jesus slept, ate food and drank, Jesus is a messenger not God
    6. God is 1, Not 3 in 1, worship god alone
    7. God doesn’t die, God doesn’t have children’s, god doesn’t have human needs
    8. Only God is perfect, God doesn’t change, God messengers has always been same
    9. Jesus called God on saying “Allaha”, Allah mean one true god in Arabic, Arabs, Jews and Christians use the word Allah
    10. Worship God Alone & not his Creation, Obey god & not your desire, Submit & Surrender to god alone in peace
    Note: On the day of judgement it’s between you and almighty Allah, no one will interfere or help anybody. Why you listen to others, so please just do some genuine research on your own with open mind & heart, Please kindly read Holy Quran and authentic life history of Prophet Mohammed , you will be definitely guided to right path.
    . So they become disbelievers, even though almighty Allah given clear signs and revelations through his prophets or messengers. So these peoples will go to hellfire and remain their forever. finally Almighty Allah has send his word to all of us through his Last & final Prophet or messenger Muhammad with clearly Signs, revelation and which also start with strong warning, in the form of a book called Quran that almighty Allah will take his vengeances against those who will reject his words and become disbelievers.
    Almighty Allah created Adam & Eve , then made Angels bow to Adam , but devil refuse to bow Adam and told to god that he will misguide human race from right path till judgement day. Even though Allah has sent many prophets such as Abraham or Ibrahim ], David or Dawood , Moses or Musa , Jesus Christ or Isa in their respective time period as his messenger to guide humanity to right path and to worship one god who is the creator of heaven & earth. some peoples accept the word of Almighty Allah and follow the right path shown by prophets of their time and become believers, for them almighty Allah promise Heaven, similarly some people fall on tricks of devil and disobeying the creator who created them and start worshiping the creation of creator such stone idols, trees, mountains, animals, water, fire, sun, stars, planets etc and also killed the prophets of their times
    Reason for sending this message - It’s an issue of salvation, everyone has to go heaven and also it’s the obligatory duty of every Muslim to convey, the message of prophet Muhammad to all humanity, Because on the Judgement day before almighty Allah when he start judging every one’s deeds, you will be definitely pleading before Almighty Allah that even though these Muslims are our neighbours, friends and colleagues, they had not pass the message of prophet Muhammad to us in a convincing way – there is no true gods but god, None is worthy of worship except Allah, the creator of heaven and earth, the master of judgement day and Prophet Muhammad is his slave & last messenger.

    Please kindly read Holy Quran and authentic life history of Prophet Mohammed , you will be definitely guided to right path
    Welcome back online dood. I'd been wondering where you'd been in the last week or so. I'm sick in bed, so I can't stir up too many fundies this week, so I'll look forward to seeing what you've done in my absence. Cheers.
    I just wanted to say thank you for the frubals. The message you left made my day this morning when I read it. So thank you!
    My favorite limerick of all time, was published in Playboy magazine in the mid 70's. It came right after the Supreme Court ruled that the movie "Deep Throat" was, indeed, over the line:

    Linda Lovelace, superstar, has acting skills of note.
    The judges, though, were unimpressed - and made her clear her throat.
    I just now saw the note on your profile while stopping by to check in....you did what I do all the time, post your response to yourself. You probably thought I was incredibly rude for ignoring you. :p

    I was banned. Can't say any more than that. :D
    Y`know thats what my daughter has been telling me.

    "Just draw something daddy it doesn`t have to be a big fancy painting just sketch something..anything!

    I should listen to her, she`s smarter than me.

    Any particular reason for your hiatus from the forum?
    I'm doing very well. Just came back to RF after a year's hiatus.

    I understand the creative sludgefest...happens to any artsy sort at times. However, you should force yourself to do something, even if it's just to show me. :p
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