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Mister Emu
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  • Thanx for fruballing imminent immigration reform!
    And for the serious v sarcasm frubism.
    And for flurbing the birthday cake.
    And for the welcome back pies floorble.
    Had to say hello since you didn't see my post! HEY MISTER EMU! Missed you!
    I responded in the discussion section between Tarasan and myself, sorry for the delay -- have been working.
    By the way, belated very best wishes for a wonderful 2011! :)

    (I can't believe I missed wishing you a happy new year. I suspect the sloppiness of my memory these days knows no bounds)
    OK, I have to ask. I've been wondering and wondering and I can't stand it any more!! WHY an Emu??
    I saw your answer and you seem quite knowledgeable, so I thought I should ask, what was the point of the protestant reformation, beside upset about the whole, annulment (or whatever they were called) I mean, I am sure they could have sorted that out.
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