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  • Good morning Baek Jonim. I miss you a lot. I miss playing with you. I miss your smiles.
    Dear brother, I miss you everyday. Thank you for being a good brother to me. I will miss you Back Jonim. Saranghe.
    I'm really sorry you're losing friends by your change from theist to atheist. I want to let you know that you will remain a friend to me.
    Thanks Christine. :))
    Okay so, I'm kinda blown away by this new look of the forum. Same time, it feels like I dunno how to navigate. :p Looks like facebook. :)
    Well, good luck to you in this endeavor and if this be your life calling then I wish you a blessed life in this and good journey. If you find this is not your path then I am sure we shall see each other again. Sending love to carry with you as you start this trek. :hug:
    Wow. I'm still speechless. When will you decide -- if you do decide -- to become a monk?
    OMG!!!!! No way! How long have you been planning on doing this? Have you announced it on the forum? Honestly, I can't even imagine not ever talking to you again! So no marriage? So children? Just a life dedicated to God? I'm speechless. I mean that is very, very admirable, but I definitely did not see this coming. Am I just the last to know or what?
    His name is Vouthon. He's 20 years old. I don't have any idea at all how handsome he is, but I am pretty much positive he's not as handsome as you are. I mean, who is? :D (Seriously!)
    If it was something you truly and completely thought through and were convinced that it was what you really wanted to do with your life, then I would support you. Would really want you to think it through though as it seems a far cry from your life as you know it.
    I don't know. With over 23,000 posts, I guess I've just about said everything I feel like saying. :D And I've said most of it dozens of times. I actually do log on every single day and maybe post two or three times a week. Also, I just don't like arguing for the sake of arguing. If I feel I can correct some of the misconceptions out there about Mormonism, I'll do that, but I don't get a lot of satisfaction in debating just to see who can hang in there the longest. :D Have you met the new Catholic forum member? I can't remember his name, but he's really nice, about your age, very nice, very open-minded and very articulate. He reminds me a lot of you.
    He's a character on a show called "TrueBlood". Viking prince who's a vampire. He and another vampire (Bill) fought over a girl with both saying "Sookie is mine". :p
    I'd been watching for the invitation but somehow I missed it. I went back in just now, found it, and accepted it. Thank you!
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