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Atheists - If You Could Believe In Any God Which Would It Be?



You'd better believe it.


(or else)


Through the Looking Glass
Did anyone mention the answer Einstein gave "I believe in Spinoza's God..."
Indirectly, yes. "Spinoza's 'God'" is unitary substance undifferentiated by information or forms of thought. Of course, Einstein didn't even believe in Spinoza's 'God' - hence his disagreement with Bohr about whether God plays dice, and Bohr's insistence that Einstein was telling God what to do. :)


Temporally Challenged
doppelgänger;2320967 said:
Depends on who is using the word. If I name my dog "God" and you come over and give it liver snaps, you certainly "believe in God."

I don't believe in God; I believe that there is a God. But even using that bit of linguistic chicanery doesn't begin to address the singular nature of the term "God" as it is almost unilaterally used. "God" with a capital "G" is a singular entity. Either it exists or it doesn't.

When you use the term "gods" with a lower case "g" you are not limited to one being. Two beings might share "ultimate power" but they are not equal to one "God."

And on side note raised earlier: Exactly how does something qualify as a god (lower case "g") without qualifying as an extra-terrestrial?



Condescending Genius
I'd prefer a deity that would judge me by my actions in life, rather than one that asks me to kiss his behind and discriminate against everybody who doesn't believe in him.
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A really cute one or maybe Ek Chuah.

Because I like really cute things and I like chocolate and rare obscure deity names.