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Atheists - If You Could Believe In Any God Which Would It Be?


Aura of atheification
Premium Member
Difficult question. Leaves a lot of blanks to be filled.

Assuming a single god... Krishna, I suppose. Symbolic enough that I wouldn't be troubled by the need to prove his existence, poetic enough that I wouldn't be troubled by his behavior and values.


Great Moon
Krishna. Without a doubt. Read the Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 10 -

Lord said: O Arjun, now I shall explain to you My prominent divine manifestations, because My manifestations are endless. O Arjun, I am the Atma abiding in the inner psyche of all beings. I am also the beginning, the middle, and the end of all beings. I am the sustainer, I am the radiant sun among the luminaries, I am the supernatural controllers of wind, I am the moon among the stars. I am the Vedas, I am the Devas, I am the mind among the senses, I am the consciousness in living beings. I am Lord Shiva, I am the god of wealth, I am the god of fire, and the mountains. I am the priest and the army general of the celestial controllers, O Arjuna. I am the ocean among the bodies of water. I am sage Bhrigu among the great sages; I am the monosyllable cosmic sound, AUM, among the words; I am the silent repetition of mantra (Japa) among the spiritual disciplines (Yajn); and I am the Himalaya among the mountains.

Mo-fo's got it goin' on!
And the list just doesn't stop. He keeps tell Arjuna all these things he is.

Then, he turns into a megabeast and eats armies. Seriously. Two full blown armies.
And finally,

Lo - I am become death, destroyer of worlds!

I mean seriously. Who would not want to worship this guy?


Active Member
Pantheism, I'd just slap the word god onto existence and nothing would change other than the way i use the word god.


Through the Looking Glass
Aside from pantheism or my own understanding of panentheism - neither of which is belief in a god - I'd have to say that the ancient alien visitation religions have one huge advantage over all the "traditional" religious theologies. Though it's beliefs are as unfounded as any other religion's,at least the alien visitation religions accomplish a solution to problem facing mainstream deity worship - its theology is hopelessly incompatible with the modern cosmological understanding of the Universe.

Plus, it can be syncretic, folding all prior religious "revelations" within its cosmology as visitations from extra terrestrial beings. Much like each major religious movement does as it takes off.


Active Member
doppelgänger;2320944 said:
Aside from pantheism or my own understanding of panentheism - neither of which is belief in a god

It can go either way, i see pantheism as an alternate to both theism and atheism.