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  1. O

    Evidence That Jesus Was Plagiarized From Earlier Gods

    Jesus Christ Byzantine Portrait c. 7th-11th A.D Jesus is a mythological character derived from many different gods way before he came to be. let's take a look at a couple of deities that look very similar to him and have done miracles very similar to his as well. Yes, there are many more...
  2. O

    Christianity Is Only Popular Because Of Its Idle Threats

    Seriously. If there wasn't a threat of eternal damnation for those who reject Jesus then Christianity wouldn't be nearly as popular as it is today. Take it from an ex-Christian, the Christian religion is built on fear mongering principles and is systematically designed to instill that fear...
  3. O

    Salvation Was Already Established In the Old Testament

    I was a Christian for 14 years until I started running into theses kinds of BIG contradictions and problems within the bible itself. Be prepared to be mind blown. There are plenty of bible verses in the OT about how God is acknowledged by the Jewish people as the one who is their "salvation"...
  4. O

    Proving With The Bible That Jesus Was NEVER Needed And Is A Con Artist

    JESUS IS NOT GOD AND EVEN LIED ABOUT IT Jesus cannot be God because Jesus was a man who lied about being God, which goes against Numbers 23:19; "God is not a man, that he should lie, Nor the son of man, that he should repent..." Not to mention in, Hosea 11:9 God flat out states, "I am GOD...
  5. O

    Qur'an Vs Bible Vs Bhagavad Gita Vs None

    I read 2 out of 3 and touched on a summary with one of the others. Which one do you believe is the best and give your reasons for why. For those that think none of them are any good, state your reasons as well.
  6. Truthseeker

    3 in 10 people in America now religiously unaffiliated

    In U.S., roughly three-in-ten adults now religiously unaffiliated
  7. Karolina

    Seeking a spiritual mentor

    So... I am a recovering Catholic. Lifetime seeker. Several times I've seriously considered converting to one religion or another, ultimately always returning to the faith tradition of my upbringing. Last year, totally unexpectedly, I woke up one day and started to doubt again. I started to...