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  1. AnthonyGiarrusso

    UFO Map

    The Indian River county Triangle is in Florida, USA. Many UFOs have been seen there.
  2. questfortruth

    Dark Matter is a form of UFO

    The Pentagon announced in the US Congress that there are UFOs. Nobody knows what Dark Matter is. Nobody knows what an UFO is. But everyone knows that these are different concepts. Silly. Is Dark Matter one giant UFO in stealth mode? In the sky - Dark Matter. On Earth - UFO. Both phenomena are a...
  3. questfortruth

    An explanation of UFO and ghosts

    https://www.researchgate.net/publication/364801795_Virtual_Terms_as_solution_to_UFO_phenomenon The proton radius puzzle, anomalous magnetic moment of muon, anomaly in proton of October 2022 AD, non-vanishing mass of neutrino, Hubble Tension, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, UFO, ghosts, Yeti, Loch...
  4. questfortruth

    Why are we alone in Universe?

    Consider the Fermi paradox, i.e., the "absence of recordable life in cosmos, while the abiogenesis has to happen.'' The official point of view is that the Fermi paradox not only exists but is unsolved yet. Romantic people look at night at star systems and think that the sky is full of life...
  5. questfortruth


    UFO translates as Unidentified FO. But he has been identified for a long time. Identified as The Secret, as the Mystery. There is always a place for mystery in this world. There are two Mysteries: 1. Sinful Mystery - satan, "and on her forehead is the name - Mystery" (Book of Apocalypse), 2...
  6. questfortruth

    Ufologists are sure, UFO exists

    But the funny part is what UFO does not exist, even if it is present out there. In my classification of the stuff there is separation between words Existence and Presence. For example, The Robin Hood and the Peter Pan are present, but they are non-existent (not real). I am not crazy, because I...
  7. questfortruth

    UFO theory

    IN JUNE 2021 THE STATE WILL RELEASE UFO FILES. The very idea of Science can become destroyed by UFOs, because: 1. Science is defined by its methodology. 2. There is methodological naturalism. 3. Thus, Science is not interested in super-natural, in UFOlogy. 4. But times are changing: "Pentagon...
  8. questfortruth

    Mathematical UFO theory in viXra?

    CV: Science and Psycho The Paper: Is Our World an Intelligent Simulation?, viXra.org e-Print archive, viXra:2104.0152
  9. questfortruth

    Hand of God: Dark Matter

    One should include such a concept as virtual terms, i.e. mathematical insertions into the equations and laws of nature which could be made not from fundamental premises (like the least action principle) but "by hand" in order to fit the theory under observation. An example for such insertions...
  10. questfortruth

    Fermi Paradox has disproven Darwin and UFO

    (Unfinished, disproven, unholy, and problematic) theory of Evolution consists of following chapters: Theory of Big Bang, Theory of Cosmic Evolution, Theory of Biological Evolution (Darwin's Theory), Social Darwinism. The Fermi paradox is the contradiction between Theory of Evolution and the...
  11. Iwuz Madenew

    Interested in your paranormal or supernatural experience(s)

    I'm very interested to hear about your paranormal or supernatural experience(s). This has been a topic of interest to me for some time. I've made it a habit to ask people I interact with if they've ever had a paranormal or supernatural experience, even strangers, if the opportunity arises. I've...
  12. W

    Is there a spiritual dimension to the UFO-logy religous experiences

    Many UFO's have reasonable natural explanations and some not so much. Some experiences of aliens appearing describe temporary paralysis, sometimes sexual abuse, bruises, etc... but ... some seem to cause them to stop when they call on the name of Jesus. There are no other religious...