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The Indian River county Triangle is in Florida, USA. Many UFOs have been seen there.
Indian River County Florida Triangle.png

Little Dragon

Well-Known Member
I do. Infact one of those sources is me. Most people I've met had jobs where making observations was important to the career field they worked in.
Anecdotal testimony is of course unreliable.

However I am far more inclined to accept your evidence at face value now than I would have been 10 years ago. Since, within the last decade, I have also seen UAPs or UFOs.

The last sighting was in my own back garden.
Location: Cambridge UK
Time: Night (1-2 am) Nov/Dec 2021
Weather: Fine and clear, low to no wind, cool temperature, no precipitation, stars visible, Moon risen.
Apparent distance and size: At least 300m high. As for size, uncertain, as a guess, the size of a large drone.
Appearance: Spheroid or circular. Metallic. Glowing red haze underneath. No lights. No sound.
Movement: Initially hovering in a fixed position. Then moved in a fashion akin to a stone being skipped across the surface of a body of water. Then moved away so rapidly, I lost track and sight of it. It headed approximately due North I think.
Notes: I waved to it, on impulse, whilst sipping coffee and then it immediately began to move, in the fashion described above.

I've written it in this way because I feel it is helpful to remind myself of important details.

Little Dragon

Well-Known Member
Anecdotal testimony can result in a conviction for murder. Beyond reasonable double is not "unreliable".
Beyond reasonable doubt is just a standard of evidence required. For a criminal conviction. Anecdotal evidence is unlikely to be enough evidence to satisfy a jury of guilt, by itself. Most successful murder convictions, involve testable forensic evidence and electronic recordings.

Also your post is totally irrelevant. To this topic.

The Hammer

Premium Member
The Indian River county Triangle is in Florida, USA. Many UFOs have been seen there.
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This may not be "close", traditional military aircraft are rather fast, and agile.

" (Pensacola) The city has a proud military heritage, thanks to the Naval Air Station. In addition to being the "Cradle of Naval Aviation," the Pensacola Bay Area is proud to call itself home to the renowned Blue Angels, officially known as the U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron."

My guess is military crafts.