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  1. Ehav4Ever

    The Challenge of Translation / Especially of Ancient Texts

    Often when people only know a single language they take for granted what a translation and what it is not. One of the areas that I found this to be case in when it comes to ancient texts. The below video, I think, does a good job of discussing this challenge when it comes to ancient texts from...
  2. Truthseeker

    The translation of Tablet of visitation for Mulla Husayn anns Quddus has ben added to the Baha'i reference library

    Additional Tablets and Extracts from Tablets Revealed by Bahá’u’lláh | Bahá’í Reference Library
  3. Harel13

    Translation or text of Pugio Fidei?

    Is anyone aware of an English (or Hebrew...) translation of Raymond Martini's Pugio Fidei (Dagger of Faith)? Or perhaps an online text version in any language that could be translated via Google? Thanks.
  4. Ehav4Ever

    Torath Mosheh and Translations of Jewish Texts

    This came up in another thread and I decided to post it here in case I need to reference it.
  5. Ehav4Ever

    Answering Tzarah's Question about Hebrew text of Yoel 4:1

    This is a carry over from another thread where the question was asked by @Tzarah about a) the difference between the Hebrew text and the KJV bible and b) how a Torath Mosheh Jew who reads Hebrew reads the Hebrew text. The video below was created to answer both of these questions. Note: The...
  6. Sirona

    Hari Sundar Nand Mukunda bhajan translation please

    Namaste, somebody do the translation please. I just understand the first two lines. Which language is it? Thanks in advance. Hari Sundar Nanda Mukunda Hari Narayana Hari Om Hari Keshava Hari Govinda Hari Narayana Hari Om Vanmali Muralidhari Govardhan Girivardhari Nit Nit Kar Makhan Chori...
  7. Thinking Homer

    Which Bible English translation do you prefer?

    I grew up reading the New International Version (NIV) most of my life, but in recent years I have started reading other translations like the New Living Translation (NLT) and the English Standard Version (ESV). Which English translations do you prefer, and what is your reason? Do you tend to...
  8. R

    Reading the Quran (in native language)

    Greetings to the reader & peace be upon you. So I was reading Quran in English language with additional commentary in footnotes and I have to say it became very fatiguing because English is not my native language so I decided to order the version in my native language to re-read everything and...