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  1. The Kilted Heathen

    The Soul in Heathen Belief

    In Heathenry, there are multiple aspects to one's "soul". Hugr and Munr: Often taken as "thought and memory," it is also interpreted as one's instinct and desire, or the Left Brain (hugr) and Right Brain (munr). If one has a particularly strong hugr, it might even act out that person's...
  2. A Vestigial Mote

    Epistemic value of qualia versus immaterial "mind"

    With this thread topic, I'm looking for any feedback that suggests that there are logical reasons to make certain assumptions about a god's existence given a rather particular aspect that cannot be known about such an entity within the information we do supposedly have, and given contemporary...
  3. SalixIncendium

    Your 'True Nature'

    What do you consider to be your true nature? Is there more to you than just mind and body? Who or what are you in the simplest terms? Is your true nature immortal or mortal? If it's mortal, when was its beginning and when is it's end?
  4. Mithra

    How many souls are their ? is it infinite ?

    I mean jainism says that every soul is unique, so i am asking, is there a fixed number of souls ? And also in the time cycle, was there ever a first time cycle ? Please feel free to write your thoughts on this.
  5. SalixIncendium

    Experiencing... Who, What, and Why?

    “Anything that is not a living experience for you is just a fairy tale, isn't it so?” ~ Sadhguru What does your religion/belief structure or personal knowledge tell you about your true nature, who you actually are, if anything, beyond the body and mind? Do the experiences of others have any...
  6. SalixIncendium

    What Part of Us Survives Temporal Death?

    A member posted a thread here with a link to the following article which suggests that consciousness may not be what drives the human mind; that our actions are driven by a mechanism in our subconscious which creates the personal narrative. What if consciousness is not what drives the human...
  7. SalixIncendium

    Science at Last Explains Our Soul

    "Recently two quantum scientists have claimed that they can prove the existence of the soul, a quantum entity that acts as the program for the computer of our brain, and exists independently of the physical body after death. One psychologist says that the concept of soul is merely an...
  8. Serpent Child

    How to Go Inside Any Planet or Star Astrally

    These are different methods and meditations on how to go in the center of any planets or stars astrally. The purpose of this can be to empower your soul, connect more with a planet or star, etc. One man I know did this with the planet Rigel, he told me its like our sun but on steroids. STEPS...
  9. wizanda

    Do We Need a Better Definitive Words For Soul Vs Self?

    Within multiple cultures, we used a terminology for soul, self, our life, that comes from the root of breath, Atman (Sanskrit), Nephesh (Hebrew), Psyche (Greek)... Please add anymore cultures you're aware of to this list. Though because of this we've identified the soul, as being the self; thus...