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  1. Truthseeker

    For Muslims: Is Muhammad the last Prophet from God?

    I am aiming to show that Muhammad was not the last prophet of God to Muslims, not more than that. Of course many of you know that I have a particular prophet in mind, but I will not seek to prove that that prophet is the next prophet of God to Muslims. I carefully gleaned the following from a...
  2. Brickjectivity

    In Economic Systems Where is Islam Located?

    I hope the title is clear. Is Islam close to communism, close to capitalism? Where is it?
  3. C

    Did Jesus Christ Actually Exist?

    I think we all know about the controversial writings of The Antiquities of the Jews by Flavius Josephus and The Annals of Tacitus for example. Some say the parts about Jesus in their writings were forgeries and others think they were authentic. But these men were not even born at the time of the...
  4. C

    The Question Islam and Christianity Can't Answer

    Yes, I have created a question that I have been pondering about for many years which no Christian or Muslim could possibly answer if God is loving. Here is my question to those Muslims and Christians that strongly believe in their faiths. Question: Why would an omniscient and loving God...
  5. Theodor

    Research on the relationship between Religion and Economy

    Hello! Can you please help me with my research and answer 5 small questions in a google form? All answers are anonymous. Religious & economic values
  6. Theodor

    Research on the relationship between Religion & Economy

    Hello dear friends! I'm a student from Belarus and I'm doing a research about the relationship between religion and economy. Can you please help me and answer 4 small questions in a google form? All answers are anonymous. https://forms.gle/PQX1XN4LFDFTWRDN6
  7. sun rise

    YouTube Channel "Lets Talk Religion"

    He's got an academic background in comparative religion. https://www.youtube.com/@LetsTalkReligion He covers not only the main revealed religions but also "Old Norse Religion", "Religion in Ancient Mesopotamia" and so forth. I watched two examples shown below which I found excellent. and
  8. Abu Waqifa Al Tunisi

    Islamic Law of the Ismā’Īlīyyah, Ismaili Muslims in Qarsherskiy and their beliefs of Shariah

    Schariyya is what people in the Islamic Sultanate of Qarsherskiy call Islamic Law. It’s an alternative spelling of Sharia or Shariah. In Qarsherskiy, Muslims of various sects live close together in small log cabin and tent cities under a thick canopy of Humid Subtropical Rainforests, the only...
  9. AnthonyGiarrusso

    Power of Relics

    Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and many other religions have relics. Sometime their small trinkets spanning into weapons and even human body part remains or full bodies. It is fascinating to me that so many people would treasure these relics for so long. It really shows how...
  10. ronki23

    How do Sunni Muslims view the Battle of the Camel ?

    The Battle of the Camel was about who would succeed Uthman of the Umayyad Caliphate. Shia Muslims believe Prophet Muhammad nominated Ali (his cousin and son-in-law) to be successor but only 10-15% of Muslims in the world are Shia. What do Sunni Muslims believe? Do they support Lady Aisha? Why?
  11. ronki23

    Iran and Saudi Arabia: Double Standards ?

    Why do Iranians complain about the mandatory headscarf rule in Iran while the Saudi Arabians do not appear to complain about it ? Why do we make documentaries and news articles about the protests in Iran but say nothing about Saudi Arabia ? Is Islam to blame?
  12. ronki23

    Iran's headscarf crackdown: blame Islam ?

    If girls in Iran are getting beaten, arrested and killed by security forces, is it the fault of Islam ? Does this mean Islam will decline with time as more and more Iranians rise up against the regime ?
  13. P

    My Understanding along the Journey

    What I would be sharing here as the Title mentions is My Understanding of Scriptures especially Islamic , because I have studied , heard, debated and grew up(still) in that atmosphere. But when faced with extremely challenging situations in life , I couldn't find some answers which increased my...
  14. Exaltist Ethan

    Unity within Religious Groups

    The Baha'i Faith is a very interesting religion. It allows its members to do virtually anything they want and remain a Baha'i. If you are gay and want to have a gay marriage, you cannot have a gay Baha'i marriage, but you can get married the secular way if your government permits it. There's a...
  15. Exaltist Ethan


    I recently had said that monotheism is a contradiction because it is impossible to not be of the Universe yet be involved in it in so many ways. That's probably not true. I mean, look at the Internet. I'm interacting with all of you despite not being in your house. But exactly what does God do...
  16. Harel13


    I finished reading earlier today Patricia Crone and Michael Cook's "Hagarism: The Making of the Islamic World" (1977 ed.). I admit I only skimmed the last section of the book and the first appendix. One of the previous owners of the book (which I had borrowed from the uni library) had...
  17. DharmaCatLamp

    Was Muhammad A Prophet? Some Questions and Concerns

    Howdy! Recently I've been reading a lot about Jesus Christ and Muhammad. This is for a variety of reasons but the origins of both the early church and the early ummah are very interesting to me. I have my doubts about the exact nature of Jesus Christ but he is a very interesting figure and I...
  18. DharmaCatLamp

    Systems, Theology, No path Path

    Howdy! I just felt like sharing some thoughts. The universe started with a divine dance. Not something like a waltz but something more like salsa. Shiva and Shakti came together, and their dance created all things. There was passion, lust, adventure, thrills, horror and so many other things...
  19. O

    The Bible Is A Heavily Outdated Book

    Nothing in the bible and what it says can be applied to the normal way of life today. Heck, some of its texts are almost 3,000 years old! The bible is a collection of 66 books composed by random authors over the course of a very long period of time. Most of the authors, at least in the old...
  20. O

    The "Lukewarm Christian" Logical Fallacy Debunked

    Ex-christian here. When I was a christian I was presented with two distinct forms of christianity; one where you say a few abracadabra words and you are good to go and the other was "you just have to keep at it or you are lost." The latter makes LESS sense than the first concept if you are a...