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Islamic Law of the Ismā’Īlīyyah, Ismaili Muslims in Qarsherskiy and their beliefs of Shariah

Schariyya is what people in the Islamic Sultanate of Qarsherskiy call Islamic Law. It’s an alternative spelling of Sharia or Shariah. In Qarsherskiy, Muslims of various sects live close together in small log cabin and tent cities under a thick canopy of Humid Subtropical Rainforests, the only rainforests in the Eastern USA.
Qarsherskiy’s dominant sect, Ismaili Islam, barely surpassing Sunni Islam in population numbers, is broken down into subdivisions. There are 3 main types of Isma'ilis found in the Islamic Sultanate of Qarsherskiy:
Bohras (Alavi, Dawoodi, Sulaymani, and other Bohras)
Nizaris (Those who follow Aga Khan, a minority in Qarsherskiy but the majority of the worlds Ismailis)
Sevener Revivalists (those who seek to revive Sevener Ismaili Islamic Religion, mainly based in Astara Province, Qarsherskiy.)
All agree that the imams are meant to guide humanity and be a source of morals and law after the passing of the Islamic prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Most Bohras in Qarsherskiy are Shia but there are a few Sunni Bohra Isma'ili who came from Pakistan who believe Abu Bakr (R.A.) should have taken position as caliph. These sects simultaneously control, make, and pass Islamic laws in Qarsherskiy with the help of scholars and sheikhs, although many Twelver Shi’a, non-Muslim, and Sunni areas in Qarsherskiy have local laws fit for the local people. The Nizari minority in Qarsherskiy follows Aga Khan and believes in less conservative Islamic laws than other Isma'ilis.