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  1. ronki23

    Saudi Arabian schools set to teach Mahabharat and Ramayan

    sorry for the late post
  2. ronki23

    Saudi Arabian schools to teach Ramayan and Mahabharat

    I don't know how true this is but as far as I know you're not even allowed to wear a crucifix or Star of David pendant. What is life like in Iran where there are minorities ? Maybe that can show us how it may turn out in KSA
  3. danieldemol

    Quran Criticism - God's word or manmade?

    Hi, Ultimately us who don't believe in the Quran don't need to provide a reason for why of course, but for as long as we are free to do so some of us will openly object to submission to the Quran due to various reasons. If that describes you, by special request from one of our RF members who...
  4. danieldemol

    Hamas court says women need guardian’s approval to travel

    'GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — A Hamas-run Islamic court in the Gaza Strip has ruled that women require the permission of a male guardian to travel, further restricting movement in and out of the territory that has been blockaded by Israel and Egypt since the militant group seized power.' Read...
  5. danieldemol

    Malta: Man stabbed allegedly over apostasy from Islam

    'Police suspect that a Muslim man’s conversion to Christianity was the motive behind a stabbing in a Mosta garage on 26 January, with his lawyer arguing that he was living in fear of his assailants, who are on bail. Simar Halil Hannan, the 26-year-old Syrian man charged with grievously injuring...
  6. danieldemol

    Quran and marriage between Muslim women and non-Muslim men

    Is the law forbidding Muslim women from marrying non-Muslim men found in the Quran? This law is a form of anticompetitive law designed to discriminate against non-Muslim men and undoubtedly belongs up there with apostasy and blasphemy laws as a form of not so subtle thought coercion in my...
  7. R

    Heaven - Being Reborn as Dogs/Cats

    Many people know that Hindus believe that we come back as lower life forms - bugs, animals etc First of all let us understand that Hindu ideas were never meant exclusively for Hindus - Hindus don't preach that way, these ideas apply to ALL of us. These are God's laws - they apply to ALL life...
  8. Loaai

    Darwin's Theory | True?

    Peace Be Upon You. So let's suppose that what Darwin said was right, Humanity has evolved from Apes, somehow it was proven scientifically that Apes were the origins of a creature that can think, understand, express his thoughts, have consciousness and choose his path in life, but then, does...
  9. danieldemol

    Evolution and a Muslim's perspective

    According to my understanding evolution does not have anything to say about whether or not there is a supreme creator. Darwin considered it absurd to doubt that a person could be an ardent theist and evolutionist. Evolution does (according to my understanding) reject the concept that humans are...
  10. stvdv

    To Blaspheme or not to Blaspheme?

    To Blaspheme or Not to Blaspheme? There is a huge difference between criticizing religions (being critical), as in "not blindly accept things", and blaspheming (the red part). It can be compared with the RF Rules. Criticize ideas all you want, just don't get personal, as in bullying, insulting...
  11. stvdv

    Why the world must support Macron

    Why the world must support Emmanuel Macron Below video is 5 minutes and explains the importance that the world must support Macron. Also contains a short speech in which Macron explains what he plans and why. Religion has been quite prominent in the past centuries, but it seems to dig it's own...
  12. ronki23

    Muhammad in Mahabharat

    What if Muhammad A) Replaced Yudishtra before the exile of the Pandavs-knowing they were cheated B) Replaced Arjun in the battle of Kurukshetra C) Replaced Bheem when fighting Duryodan D) Replaced Krishna in the battle of Kurukshetra or when fighting Duryodan
  13. DagonVarunaMitraApolloZan

    Questions for Muslims & Non-Muslims to address regarding the contents of the Qur'an

    Not sure if this is the correct area to post this, but I wrote a post in another thread and it was suggested to me to make a thread for it separate from the thread I posted it in. I'm looking for people who are well educated regarding the contents of the Qur'an, the Ancient Arabic Language and...
  14. stvdv

    Charlie Hebdo Muslim hypocrisy still not cured

    Charlie Hebdo Muslim hypocrisy still not cured Why these Muslims are hypocrites: They impose their religion on others, but criticize other's culture/religion (Respect goes 2 ways. As long as they belittle other religions, they have no right to object if we do the same) (The Muslims started...
  15. ronki23

    Why don't Jews and Muslims eat pork ?

    If Zoonotic diseases come from being in close proximity to animals and not being evolved enough to eat them then did pigs cause disease in the Middle East thousands of years ago ? Is that the reason Jews and Muslims don't eat pork ? If that's the case then we've evolved enough to eat pork for at...
  16. stvdv

    How Islam as a whole commits Blasphemy

    How Islam as a whole commits Blasphemy (if they impose their definition on non Muslims) Why they do commit Blasphemy is easy to understand: 1) We have Freedom of Religion, that means all are Free to choose the Religion they want 2) This Freedom also means that you are Free to define God, how...
  17. danieldemol

    Qatari sociologist blames plastic surgery, blasphemy, homosexuals for Beirut blast in expletive-fill

    'Qatari sociologist blames plastic surgery, blasphemy, homosexuals for Beirut blast in expletive-filled online rant Qatari sociologist shouts and swears as he blames the Lebanese people for the blast Claims unmarried women, plastic surgery angered Allah DUBAI: A Qatari sociologist has blamed...
  18. danieldemol

    "Only God can judge me!" Religious debates rerun

    Hi, This was posted earlier this week I think in one of the DIRs; Didn't have the time to respond earlier and as it was in a DIR it wouldn't have been appropriate, so I thought I would re-run it here. Basically in the video the author completely strawmans secularism, appearing to claim it is...
  19. firedragon

    Is the Muslim Jesus cited in the Qur'an possibly historical?

    1. The Jews claim they killed Jesus (Doesn't say Romans), yet they did not kill him, nor did they crucify him says the Qur'an - 4:157 2. Jesus was called the "Messiah". - 3:45 3. Jesus had followers, him, and his followers preached a theology - 61:14 4. He spoke to the Jews - 5:46, 72 Rather...
  20. danieldemol

    Does liberalism value human rights over ethics?

    Does (western) liberalism value human rights over ethics? My initial thoughts on this is that it is a contradiction in terms. Human rights are rights because they pertain to the ethical treatment of humans. By comparison allegedly “revealed” religions tend to value these alleged revelations...