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  1. TransmutingSoul

    Great thing about Messengers and Prophecy

    What I think is great, is how combining prophecy paints a bigger picture. I see that each of the prophesies from the many faith sources, taken only by themselves can be like the Blind men and the Elephant metaphor. So if we grab all God given prophesies, inclusive of some indigenous prophecies...
  2. TransmutingSoul

    Why a Jewish Boy Became a Baha'i

    This was a great watch. Steve Sarowitz gives a great talk, a wonderful person. Regards Tony
  3. TransmutingSoul

    The End of War

    That is the discussion. How can we end war? It seems easy, let's try peace for a while and if peace does not work we could aways go back to war. I see it will need to be initiated by a world wide effort, that will set specific goals to prevent war. What about the Goals, what would they need...
  4. TransmutingSoul

    Unity in Diversity

    How applicable is this concept for humanity to find a path to unity? Surprisingly, it is a catch phrase being used across the world now, becoming popular as humanity strives to find a unity in the affairs on mankind. Where does this concept come from? Well I see it is founded in many faiths...
  5. TransmutingSoul

    Common virtues, morals and humanity

    I see that is maybe a path we can make the world a better place. How about it. Lets share what we can do to build the world the next generations would be proud to live in. So How about it? Regards Tony
  6. TransmutingSoul

    Debate the Logic of a World Order.

    This topic is dear to my heart, as this is what I live for, a day when as a citizen of the World we all work together for the common good for all humanity. This is not about your faith verse my faith, or faith verse atheists. In the big picture I see faith teaches about the possibility and...
  7. TransmutingSoul

    A worldin travail - understanding & responding to the events of our time

    The following book has been put together from the Baha'i writings, the quotes show us what the world is now going through, and what is to come. It is posted here for any people that would like to discover the solutions to the Crisis faced in this age. If you have any questions, please ask and...
  8. TransmutingSoul

    For everyone - 'The BIG PICTURE'.

    The question is simple, what do you see as 'The Big Picture, either based in your thoughts gained from your Faith, or if you have no Faith, thoughts of what man can achieve. I will post what I see in the future that will most likely unfold from what I understand in the Baha'i Faith as the OP...
  9. SabahTheLoner

    Non-denominational Christian and LaVeyan Satanist spends 24 hours handcuffed together

    Video by BuzzFeed Rachel, a Satanist, and Matt, a Christian, spends the weekend handcuffed together eating, partying, getting a Tarot reading, sleeping, going to Church, talking about religion and being interviewed by BuzzFeed in order to spread a message we should all keep in mind as human...
  10. Tmac


    Is there a thought that can satisfy all that divides us? Why do we hold on to that which separates? God can be found in all denomination yet is none of them. Religions are formed to help find/understand God, which by the way transcends the very religion that brought you to this thought. I say if...