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  1. River Sea

    The Indo-Aryan: Did they ever enter the Indian subcontinent from the outside? Or did these people develop indigenously in the Greater Panjab?

    The Indo-Aryan Controversy: Did they ever enter the Indian subcontinent from the outside? Or did these people develop indigenously in the Greater Panjab...
  2. Ehav4Ever

    In Your Religion, Culture, Language, etc. - What is a God "Exactly?"

    A few simple questions. Please provide as much detail as possible. In your religion, what "exactly" is a god? (in the singular) In your culture what qualities allow something to be called a god? In your culture are there things that can't be called a god? If so, why? In your language what is...
  3. HeatyHeathen

    Between scandinavian countries and the Northeast of USA and Canada...

    Which do you guys think would be a better living alternative for a twenty something person to live, entertainment and job fulfillment wise ? I know this may sound like a no brainer but let's consider that I wont have problems with my job qualifications and no worries about living to pay...
  4. W

    "Reforming Islam"?

    There are some issues in the culture of a lot of Islamic countries that are often thought of as issues in the religion - such as gender inequality/segregation, discrimination of all kinds, child marriage, FGM, domestic violence, sexual abuse etc. But those who call for reforming of Islam want to...
  5. Dawnofhope

    The Islamic Golden Age - Origins and Influences

    The Islamic Golden Age witnessed outstanding levels of scientific, cultural, and economic developments during the 8th to 14th centuries. The House of Wisdom was established in Baghdad, a city that was to become a great centre of learning, arguably unrivalled by other civilisations during this...
  6. Lorgar-Aurelian

    Overrated pop culture. This a lot of people love that you just don't.

    Alright so I think there is a lot in the media today that gets way more hype than I could care for. There are a couple that really stick out to me. Go ahead and list a couple of things you think are overrated in popular culture. This can include shows, people, films, books, games ect. Game of...
  7. Lorgar-Aurelian

    Where Islam and Culture meet.

    Islam is now pretty much impossible to separate from the culture of the people who practice it. What I mean by that is there are plenty of practices in Islam that have no place in the Quran and debatably a place in hadith that Muslims carry out everyday. One of these things is the head...
  8. Twilight Hue

    I suddenly realize that I have no culture.

    Been watching lately a particular group of Native American musicians perform and was touched deeply with an appreciation and admiration by the way heritage and culture can be displayed through music and song so passionately and clearly. It really made an emotional impact and got some things...