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  • I am flattered, Laila. I have not read anything by him but I did look him up on the Mighty Wiki. Wow. Thanks. Nice to see you slumming on RF again. ;)
    Hi Paul,
    Recently read a few books by Eckhart Tolle - you probably know (not literally) the writer but I thought I'd mention it as he reminds me of you.
    Laila X
    Have you seen Dr Angelo by any chance? He has forgot to give me my prescription of pink pills. :eek:
    I always forget about this feature..But today to my delight..I had freindship request. Anyway just came to say Hey!Thanks for inviting me YmirGF... :)
    All is well here, m'dear. Steve is back to work after a week of partying on his vacation, and I'm still planning my road trip in a week or so.
    Hiya, GnosticStoryteller, Aye, 'tis gettin' warm up here matey. Yesterday and the day before it got to about 30C/85F and my web feet were cracking. Speaking of which, we have a new bird coming to visit. I have named him Mel. That would be Mr. Ard to those who do not know him/her/it. You see, a 10 pound/4 kilo "Wood duck" has taken to the sunflower seed feeder and sits there for hours on end.... eating... insatiably... (I think we are gonna start charging him/her/it for the food.) Kewl beans though. :) Get it? Mel-ard? Tee hee.
    Things are wonderful in LotusLand, as usual. I am back to cement/stone work in the new gardens today. I have already built a small "sculpture" of two fairies on a rock this is quite nice. After that, bark mulch the whole area, outline next pathways and... rinse and repeat. How goes it with my favorite MysticDanc'er?
    Hola, Friend Mighty Mouse.

    I have not use this Friend thingamajig before, so I'm sending you a Greetings.

    Is it warming up in Canada?
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