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  • *Catches the cascade of roses, as .lava passes*

    Thank you, kind lady, it is always a treasure, coming from you.
    Please forgive me, I was horrified when I realized that I hadn't asked you and Patrick to be friends. Now go give each other a big hug from me. ;)
    Where did that mouse run off to last night? I had just finished my conversation on the phone and you'd disappeared!

    Oh well, I'm sure I'll catch you next time!
    Hehe. I can well imagine them looking on in puzzlement as I announce in a effervescent British accent reminscent of BlackAdder, "O' and Methylatedghosties sends his regards."
    A quick message from a friend on the coldest hemisphere (at least, right now)

    Hope all is well and all that jazz. Say hello to the deer for me when you see them next! I really must come and visit some time! ^_^
    i must apologize for often being so direct and boarderline mean.

    it is almost as if, i and recieving blows of abuse by the religious deception; or simply when the people are lied to directly, i take as if they are lying to my kids and i fight to protect them, even at my own expense.

    kind of a goofy way of saying I care too much to simply watch such deciet.
    I am flattered, Laila. I have not read anything by him but I did look him up on the Mighty Wiki. Wow. Thanks. Nice to see you slumming on RF again. ;)
    Hi Paul,
    Recently read a few books by Eckhart Tolle - you probably know (not literally) the writer but I thought I'd mention it as he reminds me of you.
    Laila X
    Have you seen Dr Angelo by any chance? He has forgot to give me my prescription of pink pills. :eek:
    I always forget about this feature..But today to my delight..I had freindship request. Anyway just came to say Hey!Thanks for inviting me YmirGF... :)
    All is well here, m'dear. Steve is back to work after a week of partying on his vacation, and I'm still planning my road trip in a week or so.
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