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  • Mrs C I need you!! I need fun Halloween party recipes for kids! I'm throwing Justyce our 2nd annual Halloween in November party on Saturday and I can't find any of the fun recipes I used last year. I know you're awesome and creative and had some on a webpage or something... can you help?
    Yello! Just thought id pop in and say hi. Havent seen you around for a bit, or maybe i have been gone for a while as well so that must have something to do with it. Anyway, i hope you and hubby are still happy as you always seem to be. Thanks for being you. Love Heneni
    Hi there!!!! I'm doing pretty good for a country boy lost in the big city. How about you? Are things going well these days?
    Sorry I missed you! I am doing well enough, started the support group here in Spokane already, but mostly just working and spending time with my cats.
    Much love for you my dear, when you drop by again! My best to you and cardero! :)
    I haven't talked to you in ages. Thought I'd drop by to say hello and I hope you are all healed up. I'm doing pretty good :)
    I'm so happy to hear your hand is coming along well! Sorry there's still some pain, though. I'm up for a beer with you at the drop of a hat! :)

    P/S: Check out my latest post in the Eros Forum
    Rizza just wanted to tell you and Pat, Happy Holidays......I'll bet you are going to prepare all kinds of goodies, post us some pics.
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