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  • :hug: Haven't seen you in so long! Don't know if you're back or just passing through, but couldn't let this go without saying "hi" and "missed you".
    ahhh... you *poked* me just in the right spot and now I'm feeling significantly better.
    No, I am not geting fresh! Still you are a cutie.;) :D
    Hi Mike! I was laughing at something so hard today I actually pulled a muscle. Seriously!
    Hey Mike! I have a favor to ask. Can you suggest any goth forums (primarily teens) where there is good and varied conversation? Or perhaps one of your friends knows of one?
    My 16 year old is looking for a good place to socialize.
    thanks, ~Vi~
    hi there :) i've seen our pics before but in this one you really remind me one of my friends. older version though. bless you Mike!
    Hey Mike! It's 2 in the morning here, so I just dropped by to say "Hello". For some odd reason, I have the ancient Sumerians stuck in my head tonight. I can't quit thinking about them. Have you ever studied them?
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