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  • Thank you good sir for your frubally thing on The Bible, Not As Original As You'd Think

    And the pretty rainbow on What's the Bible say about Hermaphrodites?

    And the funny on Killing IS justified
    Thanx for fruballing curbing your civil rights (but no one else's).
    And for the unprosecuted priestly pedophile fruble.
    And for froobing dogs eating homework.
    And for flurbing not calling Vile dishonest.
    And for the mass starvation frubation.
    And for the cure for hunger fruber.
    And for floublring well defined communism.
    And for the frubal which comes with AC standard.
    You found my vagina funny on Hey, look how dumb people are! Cheers

    And for the funny on How often do you have sex?
    Thanx for froobing Lovee Howell.
    And for the recovering flag frubal.
    And for furballing problems in measuring happiness.
    And for the socialist cancer causing conspiracy frubacy.
    And for froulbing scambaiting.
    And for furbling the excess of politeness in Ameristanian politics.
    And for the evils of calculus frubulus.
    And for froobling Ameristan's pro-gay foreign policy.
    Thanx for the deadly helicopter fruber.
    And for froobing the cookbook.
    And for the criminal justice reform frubal.
    And for furballing the taco Tuesday touching threat.
    And for the chosen ones fruble.
    And for flurbing in vivo fermented apples.
    And for the open Canuckistanian border fruber.
    And for froubling dumpster diving for lunch.
    Thanx for froobing cranky young Audie.
    And for the lean beef frubal.
    And for fruballing petting the dog first.
    And for the Christians becoming atheistic frubic.
    And for furballing transportation choices of world leaders.
    And for the testinessogenic nature of Fox News.
    This is RF, dammit! Thanx.
    And for froobling the search for PopeaDope.
    Thanks for the winner froob on UN's Global Compact for Migration Expands on Hate Speech to Criminalise Criticism of Migration
    Thanx for froobballing mythical Jesus.
    And for flurbing the War of 1812, aka, Menstruating Male Massacre.
    And for the possibly frubly.
    And for frublering the horrors of Canuckistanian POW camps.
    And for the partially corrected post frubal.
    And for fruballing bipartisan advancement of civil liberty.
    And for the stolen birthday cake fruble.
    And for froobing that optimistic Columbus.
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    Reactions: Woberts
    Wow, that was quick! :0
    I owe my speed to chocolate, caramel, & peanut brittle for breakfast.
    Thanx for the hot & black frubal.
    And for the great but low paying job flurbel.
    And for the war on Festivus frubus.
    And flurbing for the major holidays at year's end.
    And for the homebound frubyl.
    And for fruballing the Ameslan translation.
    And for the Festivus miracle frubicle.
    ANd for furballing my rise to power.
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    Reactions: Woberts
    I showed that post to my coworkers in the break room, and we all had a hearty laugh. :)
    Thanx for fruballing not going downhill.
    And for the virtuous & righteous frubyl.
    And for froobing the eternal struggle.
    And for frewbing ew.
    And for the incapacity with ferring lingo frubo.
    And for flurbing Quagmire's slow telepathic internet connection.
    And for the being prepared for vehicular adversity frubity.
    And for furballing the monkey's internet.
    The people...useless! Thanx.
    And for the commie frubie.
    And for the no longer commie frubie.
    And for froobing the Rte 66 themed cake.
    And for the pain avoidance frubance.
    And for froolbing guns v swords.
    And for the atheist displays at courthouses frubal.
    And for froulbing strange standards of decency at courthouses.
    Thanks for the rainbow on UN's Global Compact for Migration Expands on Hate Speech to Criminalise Criticism of Migration

    Yes, i know it not going to educate the deliberately ignorant but i live in hope
    Sadly, I don't think that they'll ever learn. They are more interested in what their favorite conservative says about islam than what actual muslims say about it. T'is a sad state of affairs.
    So true.
    Thanx for froobing no research being needed to justify a basic right.
    And for the telephone diseases frubal.
    And for flurbing the mistaken link to Wu Wei playing soccer.
    And for the not getting banned flurbit.
    And for fruballing judging Rival's military beaus.
    And for the Eurostanian court orders flurble.
    And for froobing defiling GHW Bush's grave.
    And for the emotionless furball.
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    Reactions: Woberts
    Did you place that link on purpose? That sounds like something you would do, just to mess with our heads. :)
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