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  • Thanx for the deemed not removed from office frubal.
    And for flurbing good luck wishes to S Wolf.
    And for the too reasonable froobable.
    Thanx for the Star Trek froob.
    And for flurbing the thread which was surprisingly not about me.
    And for foobling giving control only to those who agree with me.
    And for the kluged together rationale frubal.
    And for furballing liking the 20th century.
    And for the incognito frubo.
    And for flurballing Calvin & Hobbes posting.
    Thanks for the frube on If Theory of Darwin is fact, not theory, then Darwin Theory is wrong in its title already?
    Thanks for the pretty rainbow and winner on So Who Are The Adults Pulling The Strings of the Child Climate Change Protests?
    Thanx for froobing leaving Cincinnati.
    And for the old old old $5 debt fruble.
    And for flurbing 70% odds.
    And for the commie plot to control hippies frubal.
    And for foolbring the Department Of Creation Science.
    And for the slavery under Islam frubil.
    For flurbing both the OP & Coiumbus.
    Thanks for the The 'great nothing', vs heaven or hell: which is better frubes.

    Not seen you for a while, are you ok?
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    Reactions: Woberts
    I suppose. I've been busy with personal things for the last few months. Really only had time to pop in every once and awhile.
    Thanx for froulbing telling a he from a she.
    And for the spoiler frubler.
    And for froobing religions being flexible.
    And for the throwing Columbus overboard flurbal.
    And for flurbing the Danes not being that dumb.
    And for the questionable terrorism frubism.
    And for fruballing understanding violent thoughts.
    Thanx for the last supper fruber.
    And for fruballing exercise & green tourism.
    And for the Bokononism frubism.
    And for froobing avoiding moderation.
    And for the attractive greased up atheist furball.
    And for flurbing the Conservative Only forum.
    And for the NERDS!!!! fruble.
    & here I thought the reference might be Blade Dance (Terminus Est)
    Heh. It's a reference to a sword wielded by the protagonist of an obtuse book, The Book of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe.
    It's a sword spirit wielded by the protagonist in the manga Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance. Her d&d orientation might be described as obedient good. He actually wields 2 swords at once, the other being Restia, chaotic evil.
    After a little research, I thought you were into something like Warhammer.
    Thanx for froobing moving Israel to Quebec.
    And for the <ew> frubal frubal.
    And for the Moby Dick fuurble.
    And for flurbing those things having teeth.
    And for the rarity of toothbrushes & orthodontists in Britain frubol.
    And for fourlbing technology.
    And for the Jello wrestling match.
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