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  • Thanx for the birthday cake frubal.
    It only dawned on me later that it's the perfect cake for a wolf.
    And for the state tax burden ranking frubing.
    And for flourbing seeking no answers.
    And for the revolting national service frubice.
    I love the Ingersoll quote. I also love to quote Ingersoll when people accuse the "New Atheists" of being unprecedented.
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    Reactions: Phaedrus
    I think I relate to the orator because despite the "agnostic" title attributed to him, most of his thinking aligns quite well with atheistic thought processes.
    I agree. Not just the ideas themselves, but also the language he expresses them in -- very "atheistic" to today's ears.
    And for the beating baby hearts frubal.
    And for the high voltage furball.
    And for froobing my survey answers.
    And for the question of changed minds foorble.
    Thanx for the Democrats' admitting that I'm somebody frubal (an ancient RF term for a rating).
    And for fruballing pa tai tai (literally "fear wife").
    And for the engineering & landlording fruballing.
    And for flurbing the core meltdown safety dog.
    And for the interfaith constipation fruball.
    And for froobing Paglia's breaking the mold.
    And for the chia Trump furball.
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