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Howard Is
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  • Thanx for flurballing the question of believing 100% of the Koran.
    And for the devils wearing Prada frooba.
    And for foorlbing overturning a verdict after irreversible punishment.
    And for the talentless disability frubity.
    And for furballing Amish Trump.
    And for the chocolate birthday cake flurball.
    Occupation Music? Details please.
    Howard Is
    Howard Is
    I’m retired and live on a pension, and music is my main activity. I’ve played since I was young, but only more recently had the luxury of being able to play as much as I want. I mostly play guitar, also have a nice bass and sitar, which I began playing as a teenager. Nowadays it’s FL Studio, guitar synths, looper and other stuff.
    Secret Chief
    Secret Chief
    Cool. (Sorry, I missed your reply till just)
    Thanks for the winner on Coronavirus memes

    And thanks also for the (i) on The viruses

    And thanking you too for the Covid-19 Scientific Articles informative frube
    Thanx for froobling not insulting new members.
    And for The Simpsons stereotypes flurble.
    And for fuballing the complex taste of imaginary numbers on pie.
    And for the over-populated froobil.
    And for foolbring the wrongfulness of violence over speech.
    And for the funny drawing froobing.
    And for foubling optimism for Ameristan.
    Thanx for froobling weirdness.
    And for the mix of conversations on RF fruble.
    And for flurbing doing what ya gotta do.
    And for the ignorance vs disappointment froobment.
    And for furballing the half who are below average.
    And for the ceremonial merging with the infinite froobal.
    And for floorbing the ALOX ceiling.
    Thanx for fruballing adventures in impossible geography.
    And for the libertarian delusion frooble.
    And for fuurlbing the clean shaven college man.
    And for the inscrutable Audie frubie.
    And for froobing the nonsense generator.
    And for the deemed not removed from office frubice.
    And for flurbing stopping time.
    I appreciate your efforts in spreading knowledge about the impeachment. Even if its for the wilfully ignorant.
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