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Left Coast
Last Activity:
Jun 25, 2019 at 3:41 PM
Apr 17, 2019
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Left Coast

Active Member, Male, from California

Premium Member
Left Coast was last seen:
Viewing thread Christians on afterlife, Jun 25, 2019 at 3:41 PM
    1. Revoltingest
      Thanx for the not yet scrutinized candidates frubal.
      And for flurbing the NPR war advocacy question.
      And for the strong US bargaining position frooble.
      And for foorlbing the usefulness of facts.
      1. Left Coast likes this.
    2. Labourwave
      Thanks for the frubal on the falsehood of authoritarianism
      1. Left Coast likes this.
    3. AT-AT
      I wanted to personally welcome you moar to the forum even though you joined first. Welcome.
      1. Left Coast likes this.
      2. Left Coast
        Left Coast
        Thank you! Always appreciate your perspective, chat with me anytime. :)
        May 27, 2019
        AT-AT likes this.
    4. Revoltingest
      Thanx for the "May the fourth be with you" frubal (an ancient RF term for a <like>).
      And for fruballing all the 'science' fields I've studied.
      And for the miscommunication frubal.
      And for froobling the effects of prayer.
      And for the threat to kick out governmental leaders frubil.
      And for the hawkish furball.
      1. Left Coast
        Left Coast
        You're welcome!
        May 4, 2019
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    conservative Baptist turned Catholic turned progressive agnostic atheist

    gay and proud after years of denial in the closet
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