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Howard Is
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  • Thanx for the avatar give-away frubyl.
    And for froobing hatred leading to gridlock.
    And for the chimp religion (or atheism) frubism.
    And for fruballing the 3 year old hippo's boyfriend.
    And for the libertarian vs libertine froolb.
    And for foorballing your getting Sun Rise's frubal.
    And for the missionary position foolbre.
    Hello. Just wanted to say hi. I can relate to the lack of affection. I was diagnosed with HIV 30 yrs ago this past 12-21. I know what it is to long for a hug. At least I had pets. Best wishes in your journey.
    Howard Is
    Howard Is
    Hi. Pets kept me in cuddles for years too. My last cat died a few years ago. I sometimes think about finding another one, but it may well outlive me. So now I practice animism, and talk to my guitar, lol. Best wishes in finding a hug. I’m sure you’ll find someone . I hope I do too, although I probably need a big time out, become more emotionally independent.
    Who am I kidding ? I need a hug !
    Thanks for the funny on Odds arguments. Ponder this. I didnt know whether to post it or not, the odds of getting the wrong reaction were high
    Thanx for the secret sarcasm frubism.
    And for froobing continued working on the hostile horse.
    And for the kneeling (or not) frubling.
    And for flurbing disaster preparedness.
    And for the how I plan to not go froobil.
    And for furbill'n the process of military escalation.
    And for the froolbing Hillary fans' blindness to her hawkerie.
    Someday... if/when I'm ready, can I ask you for advice on yoga and meditation?
    Thanx for the naked Doris Day furball.
    And for the birthday cake flurble.
    And for foolbring bodily autonomy for all.
    And for the uncensored frubal.
    And for flurbing those libertine Bible camps.
    And for the satanic dessert frubert.
    And for fourlbing the taste of the universe.
    Thanx for flurbing our crap hole of bias, prejudice, megalomania and myopia.
    And for the issues behind Ayn Rand hatred frubred.
    And for foorbling rejecting the "social contract".
    And for the colorful Bender fruber.
    And for floolbring deep meaning in art.
    And for the how to remember 9/11 furball.
    And for fruballing the Mambo shirt.
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