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  • Thanx for fruballing avoiding Londonibad!
    And for the skwimmy vacation pix frubal !
    And for foorlbing the lack of evidence!
    And for the new & improved easy to keep clean sexbot frubyl !
    And for furballing the money angel!
    And for the erotic birthday cake flurble!
    And for fluurbing the underkilt!
    And for the macaque flurblet!
    And for fuurbling smooching bears!
    And for the exploding lawyer fruber!
    Thanx for the Sector 7G frubal (an ancient RF term for a <like>)!
    And for the squat cobbler frubler!
    And for fruballing throwing grenades...minus the pins!
    And for the lifelong enemy frubemy!
    And for furballing the ID10T problem!
    And for the Vogonish frubal !
    And for the Mega Lo Mart frubyl !
    And for fluurbing the RF catering staff!
    No prob, Bob. I gotta look out for my fellow residents of Springfield.
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