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  • Thanks for the funny froob on Anonymity
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    Reactions: Woberts
    Oh my, so sorry. What tickled you, my apparent need for bucketfuls of Viagra, the prime swampland property deals or something else?
    The bucketfuls of Viagra was a real side splitter, probably because I got an email advertising it a couple days ago.
    Only one, wow thats terrific, i get between 5 and 20 per day
    Thanx for the forfeited frubal frubal.
    And for flurbing anarchy.
    And for the political meetings at a bar frooble.
    And for furballing the RF Chemistry & Biology awards.
    And for the not moving to France fruberal.
    And for froobing birthday cakes.
    And for the really wealthy communists foorble.
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    Here, I'll even give you another frubal. Don't spend it all in one place, sonny!
    Thanks for froobling Putting the JW Stand on Evolution in Perspective
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    Are you trying to tell me that you aren't a talking skull? :0
    My kids sometimes refer to me as a skeleton (or skellington) if that counts...
    Thanx for the less disagreeable frubable.
    And for the sopping wet mantle fruble.
    And for furballing more dangerous professions.
    And for the comedy v horror show frubal.
    And for froobing the Earth sucking.
    And for the complexities of naming things frooble.
    And for flurbing your avatar's expression of joy.
    Thanx for the insignificance of Jesus's skin color frubor.
    And for froobing JCB rough terrain forklifts.
    And for the unifications & divisions of religion frubal.
    And for the "Creation what? flurblet.
    And for flurbing why Al Gore lost.
    Who is that handsome devil in your photo?
    I'd swear it's the spit'n image of me if I were smart, manly, well dressed, & bearded.
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    Reactions: Woberts
    Have you seen those ads at the bottom of some websites that say things like "This credit card is changing the world" or something to that effect?
    This picture was on one of them. I just find it hilarious for some reason.
    Thanx for froobing the popularity of Catholicism.
    And for the godlike PopeaDope frubal.
    And for fruballing the greatness of Revoltistan.
    And for the well sourced frubyl.
    Thanx for the godless sportless fruble.
    And for fruballing my Revoltistanian birth certificate.
    And for flurbiting all those non-Jews in Israel.
    And for the proof that you're a commie frubie.
    And for froobing liking evolution without hating God.
    And for the cave men & women frubal.
    And for the Revoltifarian scripture froobture.
    Thanx for fruballing the neutered bear.
    And for the free donuts on Saturday frubel.
    And for the underage canine love frubal.
    And for froobing PopeaDope hanging on Quagmire's shoulder.
    And for the exploitation for mischief froobif.
    And for froobling my response to panty touching.
    And for the poor excuse for a man flurble.
    And for the question of identity frubity.
    Thanks for the like on Rape culture propaganda in the US

    And that guy calls himself a man.. i dispare
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